4 calories, 0 Net Carbs

4 calories, 0 Net Carbs

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  2. monkey_bean dedi ki:

    These meringues are super easy to make and satisfy my occasional sugar craving.


    4 egg whites

    1/2 c Powdered Erythritol

    1 tsp Almond Extract

    1/2 tsp cream of tartar

    Servings: This made 24 x 2” meringues.

    You have to use an electric mixer- I used a stand mixer. Beat the eggs on medium until they start to get a little stiff, then increase speed to high. I added the cream of tartar for good measure (although I don’t think it was necessary. I’d read that sugar substitutes don’t give the egg whites a stiff peak, but I had no issues before adding it.) Then I added a 1/2 TB of Erythritol at a time. Last thing I added was the flavour- you can add virtually whatever you want- lemon, caramel, banana extract, etc- I chose almond.

    Place the whipped egg whites into a piping bag and form these meringues on parchment paper. I baked in my oven for 90 minutes at 200 F, and as you can see, they started to brown so I took them out. They melt in my mouth!! Next time I think I’ll add a little less Erythritol. Very sweet.

    Store in an airtight container to keep them crisp, otherwise they’ll turn soft, much like regular meringues.

    Edit: added servings

  3. itsmeduhdoi dedi ki:

    just a PSA to people Erythritol, or Swerve, i tried making these and the ‘cooling’ sensation that comes with Erythritol totally ruined them for me, so just be aware

    but i’ve got to say, that these look gorgeous

  4. MrsLeyva06 dedi ki:

    One of my favourite things to make on Keto! Cut that sugar craving very well.

  5. bakonlover dedi ki:

    Could you add cocoa powder? Has anyone tried this?

  6. DJ_Babyfoot dedi ki:

    Just made these last week. Look nothing like yours but god damn what an amazing keto/low cal snack for those of us with a sweet tooth. I am pumped on this recipe!

  7. Spectrum2081 dedi ki:

    Oh I am making this on Thursday, thanks!

  8. Hawk600 dedi ki:

    Thank you for sharing OP, I will try these, love suspiros 😉

  9. brokensoulll dedi ki:

    Wish me luck I have these in the oven ! I did a batch with banana extract and a batch with banana and cocoa powder. We didn’t have cream of tartar so we shall see !

  10. ms_magnolia_mem dedi ki:

    Pretty! ❤️

  11. xaxwyf dedi ki:

    …man, if I wasn’t low on eggs right now.

  12. my-little-buttercup dedi ki:

    0 net carbs means I can eat these all day, every day. Woot! I have such a sweet tooth and keto is really helping with that, but I do get some sugar cravings!

  13. cuntnuzzler dedi ki:

    These are amazing! Thank you!!
    Exactly what I needed during this lockdown

  14. jescafacee dedi ki:

    These look so awesome!! What’s a good substitute for tartar if you don’t have any?

  15. venk dedi ki:

    These came out great, but you are right, very sweet. I used lemon extract. Next time I think I’ll use 6Tbsp of Swerve and 2-3Tbsp of Cocoa powder and skip the extract.

  16. lastworstgeneration dedi ki:

    Suspiros!!! Wow I haven’t seen these in a while

  17. sigriv dedi ki:

    childhood snack, didnt know could be ketofied

  18. istoleyourshoe dedi ki:

    They look amazing. I’ve had trouble with appropriate ratios so I’m excited to try yours out. Meringues are my weak spot!

    One note, if you want them dried out but no browning, turn the heat off after an HR and leave in the oven for a few extra hours. With regular sugar meringues I used to leave overnight to dry out, but it might be different times with sugar replacement.

  19. monkey_bean dedi ki:

    Thanks, will try that next time!

  20. rafiktt dedi ki:

    Is there a YouTube video for this?

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