A Very Keto Thanksgiving Feast

A Very Keto Thanksgiving Feast

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  2. ketogrilling dedi ki:

    A day late, but wanting to share yesterday’s Thanksgiving feast. I brined the bird for 18 hours in [Alton Brown’s Deep Fried Turkey Brine](https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/alton-brown/deep-fried-turkey-recipe-1952235) (see note*), then injected with a cajun marinade the night before frying. The prime rib was stuffed with walnuts and garlic and served with a horseradish garlic aioli (not pictured). Prime rib recipe is from Weber’s Big Book of Grilling, page 135.

    *note – According to [this](https://www.salon.com/2010/03/23/brining_meats_sodium_add_calculation/) article meat will take up to 10% of it’s weight in brine. The recipe calls for 6 quarts and 5 pounds of ice, which converts to roughly 335 ounces of water. There are 16 ounces of both salt and sugar, making the sugar concentration 16/(16*2 + 335) = 16/367 = 0.0436 = 4.36% sugar. A 10 pound bird will add 16 ounces of brine, and 16*0.0436 = 0.697 oz or 19.76 grams of sugar (carbs). In the whole turkey. It’s been a while since freshman chemistry so please let me know if my math is wrong.


    * Whole Turkey, 10-18 lbs
    * 3 gal. oil (Peanut typically, I used canola)

    **Turkey Brine**

    * 6 qt. hot water
    * 1 lb. kosher salt
    * 1 lb. dark brown sugar
    * 5 lb. ice

    **Turkey Injection**

    * 1 c. lemon juice
    * 1/2 c. liquid crab boil
    * 1/2 c. olive oil
    * 1/2 c. butter
    * 2 T. onion powder
    * 2 T. garlic powder
    * 2 T. Cajun seasoning (used Slap ya Mama)
    * 1 t. Tabasco sauce
    * 1 t. cayenne pepper

    Remove neck and giblets from turkey and trim off excess skin. Allow to fully thaw before brining. Dissolve salt and sugar in hot water and cool with ice. Allow turkey to sit completely submerged in brine for 12-18 hours. Pat dry. Heat ingredients in a saucepan to melt butter and mix. While still warm and liquid, inject evenly into breast, wing, drumstick, and thighs and allow injection to distribute overnight. Allow to warm to room temperature for 30-45 minutes before frying. Fry at 375 for 30-45 minutes (about 3 minutes/pound) until the center of the breast and thigh reach 165 degrees. Allow to rest 30 minutes before carving.

    _Prime Rib_

    * 1 Prime Rib Roast, 4-14 lbs, bone on.
    * 20 walnut halves
    * 20 garlic clove halves


    * 1 T. granulated garlic
    * 1 T. kosher salt
    * 2 t. dry mustard
    * 2 t. chili powder
    * 1 t. paprika
    * 1 t. ground cumin
    * 1 t. ground coriander


    * 4 garlic cloves
    * 1 c. tightly-packed Italian parsley
    * 1.5 c. mayonnaise
    * 2 T. white wine vinegar
    * 2 T. prepared horseradish

    Mix the rub ingredients. With a thin, sharp knife, make 20 cuts evenly spread along the length of the roast, each 2 to 3 inches deep into the thickest part. Stuff a walnut half into each cut, then one of the garlic clove halves. Spread rub over top and sides of each roast and allow to warm to room temperature for 30 to 40 minutes before grilling.

    Grill on indirect medium heat, 325-375 degrees F until the middle of the roast reads around 125 degrees F for medium rare. A 5 pound roast took about 1.5 hours while a 12 pound roast could take 2 to 2.5 hours. Remove from grill, cover with aluminum foil, and allow to rest for 20-30 minutes before carving.

    While the roast is resting, make the aioli. Chop garlic cloves in a food processor. Add remaining ingredients and process until smooth. Serve with the roast.

  3. Lagomorph3447 dedi ki:

    We took the plunge yesterday and fried our first turkey. It was nowhere near as well done as your process. We tried thawing it in the fridge and it wasn’t completely thawed out. So it got a cold water bath with water exchanges every thirty minutes. We finally gave up and ate our backup ham on Thanksgiving,putting the bird back in the fridge for one more night. The next evening it felt completely thawed. The plastic injector was tried but it was hard forcing the mixture through the plastic “needle” part. We used a rub and let it set for a few hours. I fried it for 45 minutes, which was a trifle too long. Bottom line, the family ate everything but the bones. Look forward to repeating this as we become more adept at the process. Best white meat we have ever eaten. Moist, succulent and tender.

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