Actual Filipino Adobo

Actual Filipino Adobo

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  1. redheaddit dedi ki:


    Bone-in chicken parts.

    White vinegar, about 2/3 cup

    Soy sauce, about 1/4 cup

    At least 2-3 bay leaves

    1 Tbsp peppercorns, whole

    Minced garlic optional/to taste, I use paste for better portion control

    You can either sear the chicken in a hot pan, then simmer on low with all the ingredients until tender and done, or just simmer without browning in a covered pan until done, turning occasionally until everything is a deep brown color. Some people like to marinade it then grill it, and that is yummy too. Bonus, it keeps a long time if you want to do this to prep lots of meals in advance.

    About 1 carb per serving, from the negligible carbs in whatever soy sauce you choose and the amount of garlic you use. Sorry I don’t measure anything but I’ve been making this since I was seven. Much love to Totoy for teaching me!!

    Since we can’t eat it on rice with lots of carrots and potatoes, a side of cabbage, cauliflower, zucchini, or radish works. Maybe konjac rice if you like it.

  2. Filipino_Buddha dedi ki:

    Man, that last post was a disaster.

    The OP of the last post was a complete dick about the whole recipe of an actual Filipino food and wasn’t keeping track of macros.

  3. mrflibble24 dedi ki:

    Ever try putting the above in a pressure cooker? Yum!

    Also – since no rice to soak up all the lovely sauce, I’ve been reducing my sauce to a near glaze like consistency and coating the chicken in it after cooking. So good!

  4. jewellya78645 dedi ki:

    Oh hell yeah, that looks amazing. I so miss adobo. My former Sister in law was Filipino and an amazing cook. I haven’t had good adobo in about 15 years.

    I would think that dark meat is necessary for the flavor, correct?

  5. shadygravey dedi ki:

    Lots of Filipino add sugar to their adobo in the beginning to kind of fry with the aromatics. I’ve subbed truvia and other sweeteners for that part. Balances out the vinegar a little. I bet you could get some nice color and texture from monkfruit sweetener.

    But I’ve also never made adobo wit white vinegar, I’ve always used the dark Chinese vinegar just Cuz I always have that around and I like the taste a lot. Maybe will try it one day with white.

  6. tommy290 dedi ki:

    I’ve never had adobo before, but it looks really good. Any idea if I could do it in an Instant Pot? Seems like I could, but I’m not sure if the low simmering is key to having it turn out well.

  7. big_dog3200 dedi ki:

    Why did everyone have such an issue with the other guy? I glanced over it at work, but he was just trying to post something he made. Maybe he’s not educated in food culture, but that’s no reason to mock someone. What if I berated someone who did whey southern fried chicken, and said they were ruining southern culture by it not actually being southern fried chicken at all. Either way, this looks tasty!

  8. Bendangersoto dedi ki:

    Man my mom used to make the best pork adobo idk what her recipe was but maybe I can use this one just sub out chicken for pork?

  9. brig517 dedi ki:

    Is this a response to an earlier post?

  10. TTstari dedi ki:

    Traditional and top notch. I used to put oyster sauce in mine and now I need a substitute. But this looks great.

  11. KindOverCavalier dedi ki:

    You should try simmering it with coconut milk! We started doing this recently and it cuts down on the vinegar taste. Edit: Some ginger also is good.

  12. bufftreefarm dedi ki:

    The other one looked way better I could care less about authenticity

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