Anyone know where you can buy oat fiber in chicago?

I am unable to procure the product online and there are a ton of recipes I would like to try. [Specifically this one.]( However, there does not seem to be a store that sells it. Hopefully this post is within the rules for requests.

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  2. walla12083 dedi ki:

    I went with Anthony’s oat fiber from Amazon. Highly recommend it. I also picked up vital wheat gluten as well. Make some crazy good pancakes and waffles

  3. Samr1221 dedi ki:

    Ive NEVER found it in stores on at or amazon. Sorry!

  4. Sometimes_Pondering dedi ki:

    Check out my posts for super low calorie oat fiber posts! As soon as I can source a donut pan and some Cocoa powder, I’ll make new experiments.

    So far I’ve made 14 Calorie Brownies, 36 Calorie 90 Second Bread, and 19 Calorie Chocolate Cake

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