Avocado Tahini Chocolate moose

Avocado Tahini Chocolate moose

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  2. prinsbrunhest dedi ki:

    Can I something Else than tahini?

  3. endlessbull dedi ki:

    So fast and easy.

    One rather ripe avocado
    200 ml heavy cream
    Cocoa powder to taste (I like a lot)
    1 tsp finely ground coffee
    Liquid sweetener to taste (I don’t like much)
    5 or 6 tsp tahini (I’ll use more next time)

    Beat the avocado with a hand mixer until smooth. Add the cream and continue until fluffy. Add cocoa a tbsp at a time until strong enough. Add coffee. Give it some more mixer. Taste then add sweetener. At this point I usually add more cocoa. Get it all well mixed then add half of the tahini, mix, add the rest.

    I’m eating it and realized I forgot vanilla…but just roll with it.

    Happy virus vacation all you ketoers.


  4. 64557175 dedi ki:

    Wild! Im gonna try it out!

  5. reinhartm dedi ki:

    Looks scrumptious what’s the carb count?

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