Bacon, chicken casserole, 1.5 net carb per serving, Grade A Keto food from CM

Bacon, chicken casserole, 1.5 net carb per serving, Grade A Keto food from CM

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  2. camel2018camel dedi ki:

    Hey, all,

    I can’t post the recipe with a picture at the same time. This is a tasty, easy to make, frugal keto dish.

    **Nutrition Fact per serving, this comes with 8 servings**

    1. 1.5 g net carb
    2. 13 g fat
    3. 12 g protein
    4. 168 calories with 4:28:68 Carb:Protein:Fat ratio


    * 5 oz Mozzarella cheese (I didn’t have cheese on hand but have some string cheese, so I just chopped 5 string cheese by Organic Valley)
    * 3 oz Grilled chicken breast/thigh with skin
    * 4 egg
    * 3 sliced bacon (chopped into small pieces)
    * 1-2 cup sautéed mushroom, zucchini, onion (or any veggie you like)
    * 1/4 cup Sarah Farms Heavy Whipping Cream
    * 1 tsp avocado oil

    Preparation Time: 15 mins

    Bake: 350 F for 35 mins Broil: 1 min

    Thanks for reminding me the steps are unclear, here is the detailed steps.

    Cooking Steps:
    1) prepared bacon, chicken or whatever leftover Keto friendly meat. While I was waiting for the bacon is ready, I mixed the egg with heavy whipping cream. I also chopped all the veggie I need meanwhile
    2) stir fried veggies, I portioned some onion, zucchini and mushroom from the meal-plan preparation
    3) mixed meat and veggie all together, I added some fresh herb, green onion, cherry tomatoes
    4) assembled the meat veggie mix as the casserole base, layered a generous amount cheese
    5) poured the egg mix into bakeware
    6) topped some extra cheese

  3. plum_fairy dedi ki:

    This looks awesome!

  4. Gassed_Owl dedi ki:

    This looks epic

  5. SillySandee dedi ki:

    This is on the oven & I can’t wait for it to get in my belly. Thanks for sharing!

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