Bacon, Egg, Fried Cabbage

Bacon, Egg, Fried Cabbage

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  2. Woodsorrel521 dedi ki:

    Half head of cabbage
    3 Tbsp butter
    3 slices baccon
    2 eggs

    Instructions: Shred cabbage. Brown butter in deep pan on medium. Place shredded cabbage in pan. Place lid over cabbage. Wait till wilted then stir.

    Fry bacon until preferred crunchiness, fry eggs in bacon grease.

  3. Woodsorrel521 dedi ki:

    This is my solo meal for the night not glamourous but it is what it is.

  4. Pius_Thicknesse dedi ki:

    Did you cook that bacon under an IKEA desk lamp for 3 minutes

  5. abracadebrah75 dedi ki:

    I love bacon with cabbage but I’m not sure about it with egg. Is the egg under the bacon? Do you just mix them together and eat it?

  6. GruesomeLars dedi ki:

    No way! I had bacon and cabbage tonight to! And I’m glad we like our bacon the same way 😉

  7. somersquatch dedi ki:

    It tastes better when you actually cook the bacon!

  8. jeffythunders dedi ki:

    Soggy bacon and a candle. Super dope

  9. TheSlav87 dedi ki:

    Fried cabbage is SOOO delicious!

    I’ll have to make some tomorrow.

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