Bacon with scrambled eggs topped with sausage gravy. Recipe for gravy in comments.

Bacon with scrambled eggs topped with sausage gravy. Recipe for gravy in comments.

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  1. alecjames27 dedi ki:

    4.75 oz sausage
    4TB butter
    4TB cream cheese, room temperature
    1/2 cup heavy cream
    2/3-1 cup water
    Salt and pepper to taste
    Pinch of xanthum gum(not 100% necessary)

    1. Brown sausage in skillet. Once browned, remove sausage from skillet and set aside. Leave fat in skillet.
    2. Melt butter in skillet. Add cream cheese and cream. Whisk until smooth.
    3. Add water until you reach desired consistency. At this point, I will usually add a little xanthum gum by sprinkling about 1/8 teaspoon at a time and mixing it in. A little goes a loooong way. If you don’t have xanthum gum or don’t want to use it, be careful with how much water you add and let the gravy simmer to cook down.
    4. Add salt and pepper to taste. Add sausage back to gravy and stir.

    Makes 4 servings. 1.4g net carbs, 6.1g protein, 34.2 protein, and 311 kcal per serving.

    The macros will probably differ depending on the sausage you use. You could also make this without the sausage, I just like sausage gravy. Using xanthum gum means you’ll have more volume per serving because it won’t have to reduce so much. I like serving the gravy over eggs, but you could use the gravy with almond flour biscuits or something.

    Btw, if you’re looking for something soft to eat eggs+gravy is great. I know there was a post a day or two ago of someone looking for soft recipes, but I couldn’t find it to suggest this combo.

    Edited to fix macros.

  2. Hol747 dedi ki:

    Thank you for the recipe. Imagine chicken fried steak (pork rind breading) with this gravy would be amazing.

  3. Soonersfan2005 dedi ki:

    Sausage gravy on scrambled eggs? Never thought of it but damnit you convinced me. Thank you. Maybe lol.

  4. thermidor94 dedi ki:

    If I can eat this everyday I’ll do keto

  5. terdinski dedi ki:

    Just made this without the xantham gum and it was fantastic. Thanks for the recipe!

  6. joe0121 dedi ki:

    Anyone ever use the carb quick stuff to make suasage gravy?

  7. elSkunkape dedi ki:

    Is this something you would make occasionally for Keto to curb cravings of other not ideal stuff or would this be something you could eat as 1 of your meals most days?

  8. patbu1 dedi ki:

    I love bacon. I love scrabble eggs, I love sausage and I love gravy. But this? This just looks like NO

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