Bacon wrapped venison tenderloin with feta and roasted brussels sprouts.

Bacon wrapped venison tenderloin with feta and roasted brussels sprouts.

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    Reviving this from deletion as I neglected to post the recipe:

    -Preheat oven to 400 degrees
    -Grease a pyrex dish with olive oil. No extra is needed. The rendered bacon fat should be plenty.
    -I started with roughly 3oz portions of frozen venison
    -Use a seasoning rub of your choice. I used Cachere’s mild cajun seasoning. (Partly pictured) Apply conservatively, as the bacon has plenty of sodium.
    -Wrap a strip of standard bacon around each tenderloin steak. Venison is a fairly dry, gamey meat, so this cuts the gaminess and addresses the dryness.
    -Apply feta liberally
    -Pop these babies in the oven for around 20mins, or until the bacon begins to crisp up. The venison should me medium-well to well done. I recommend this with any wild game.

    -While this is happening, defrost (if necessary) your brussels sprouts
    -Put a single layer in a glass pyrex dish
    -Use around 3-4 tbsp. of butter. On top is fine.
    -Salt and coarse ground pepper
    -About 5 minutes into the venison cooking, also pop these into the oven
    -You should soon be overcome with intoxicating aromas from your kitchen

    -Pull both dishes out when appropriately crispy
    -Serve on an antique dish for extra culinarly perfection
    -Eat like the sophisticated cave man/woman you are

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