Being able to make fried chicken this good is the reason I don’t miss carbs

Being able to make fried chicken this good is the reason I don’t miss carbs

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  1. 88_Voices dedi ki:


    – about half a package of Baken-ets pork rinds (crushed)

    – one chicken breast

    – one beaten egg

    – oil of your choice (I used olive)

    Slice chicken breast into two halves (fries better when it’s thin). Coat in eggs, coat in crushed pork rinds, fry. Simple

    Cauliflower rice

    – Riced cauliflower (10 oz makes 2 servings for me)

    – one egg

    – chicken stock (per your preference, I used 2 tsp)

    – oil of your choice (I used olive)

    Fry the egg first in oil and then add riced cauliflower (preferably steam it first in the microwave). Fry like you would fry fried rice while adding chicken stock

    Asparagus was just baked after brushing with a bit of olive oil

  2. lorlor_happyface dedi ki:

    I’ve seen a lot of recipes using crushed pork rinds but I’ve yet to try it but this post just convinced me! Thanks for the share!

  3. oopsiedazey dedi ki:

    why have I never thought of the eggs and riced cauliflower before?? Looks delicious. Also I use the crushed pork rinds to make breaded pork chops.. so so so good.

  4. Kryptomatiic dedi ki:

    You can also toss seasoned chicken in a mixture of mayo and grated Parmesan cheese (not powdered). Put on a cookie sheet, sprinkle more parm on top and bake it at 400 until done. Broil for a couple of minutes to get some color/crunch.

  5. AOJsy dedi ki:

    This looks epic! Wish I could easily get those pork rinds in the UK though, we’ve only got the wet ones

  6. supasod dedi ki:

    This all just looks effing incredible

  7. ikeif dedi ki:

    This is almost what I plan on making for dinner.

    Except I’ll be doing mashed cauliflower and parmesan pork rind crusted chicken.

  8. jaysrapsleafs dedi ki:

    use chicken thighs to up the taste (and fat content)

  9. Joker5500 dedi ki:

    Does anyone know where to get pork rinds in Canada? I searched the online shopping in a few stores and it’s not listed… I’m not even sure where to look

  10. glacierguy1 dedi ki:

    A lot of places are starting to sell everything bagel seasoning. Mix a bit of that with your pork rinds and it should be incredible.

  11. koreanwarvet dedi ki:

    A good twist on this:

    Fry chicken as described. Make guacamole (avocado, shallot, tomato, green onions, cumin and salt). Once fried, layer guac on chicken. Top with Muenster or Gouda cheese. Place in broiler for 2 minutes.


  12. ernyc3777 dedi ki:

    I made parmesan crusted tilapia pan fried in butter tonight and my girlfriend loved them! I didn’t even tell her I used pork rinds because I knew she would object.

    When she took a bite she said they were better than the last time. I told her what was in the crust and she was shocked that she liked it so much.

    For anyone who wants the recipe, it’s easy.

    1 pound tilapia

    Large bag of pork rinds, crushed down to crumbs.

    Salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, oregano to taste. I also threw in a dash of cayenne pepper.

    1/4 cup of parmesan cheese.

    Mix these all together.

    Coat the tilapia in the crumbs and fry at medium-medium high heat (allow to come to temp prior or the crust will come off).

    I didn’t use an egg wash but I will next time to make the crust stick better.

  13. itsmike dedi ki:

    Anyone have luck doing chicken like this in an Air Fryer? My shit never comes out crispy…

  14. goodbyehouse dedi ki:

    Damn. I’ve just started keto(second time). and this might well be the treat I’m looking for. Thanks.

  15. AOJsy dedi ki:

    OK – for UK people, if you want breadcrumbs, these are apparently the business :-

    I’ve just ordered a pack, but comments look pretty promising

  16. pancreative2 dedi ki:

    @u/88_Voices this chicken recipe is amaze balls. Thank you!!

  17. Hopittyhop dedi ki:

    Plain original flavor pork rinds?

  18. Hotrhompson dedi ki:

    I can never get the breading to stick onto whatever I’m frying. It all breaks off in the oil. Any tips??

    I’ve tried egg wash then breading
    Flour, then breading
    I’m not sure where I’m going we wrong tbh.

  19. wickedsweeett dedi ki:

    Nice… but you need to break off the ends of the asparagus and the chicken actually looks really dry. If you like it though, that’s all that matters

  20. Anafenza-Vess dedi ki:

    Add some breadsticks and you got a good meal

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