Big Mac salad

Big Mac salad

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  2. Godless__Goddess dedi ki:

    Salad is a bed of greens, chopped tomatoes, chopped pickles, shredded sharp cheddar, ground beef.

    Dressing is:
    1/2 c mayo + 2 T diced pickles (or dill relish) + 2 tsp mustard + 1/2 tsp smoked paprika + 1 tsp white vinegar + 1 T powdered erythriotol

  3. Martin_DM dedi ki:

    Should be onions, not tomato.

  4. fairfieldbordercolli dedi ki:

    We just gonna ignore the fact that there is no tomato on a Big Mac?

  5. LikesToSmile dedi ki:

    If you need to save a few calories or are super lazy in the kitchen like me, walden farms thousand island is amazing as a substitute for big mac sauce.

  6. introverted_ginger dedi ki:

    Oh I’ve made this. It’s pretty dang awesome.

  7. ironysparkles dedi ki:

    I’ve made this as a coleslaw before (subbed lettuce for shredded cabbage) and loved it!

  8. looneypath6480 dedi ki:

    I’ve done this! My wife and I call it cheeseburger salad.

  9. DetroitStateOfMind23 dedi ki:

    No sesame seeds?

  10. yogurtyoghurt dedi ki:

    This looks amazing! I forgot how much I love this salad, thanks for the reminder. I now know what I’m having for dinner tomorrow

  11. thewarehouse dedi ki:

    At first I read this headline like it was a “big” macaroni salad and I thought “there’s no way that’s keto” but was pleasantly surprised to see the picture. Thanks for coming along with me on my journey.

  12. sleepylazytired dedi ki:

    Big Mac salads are my favorite Keto food ! Looks great!

  13. ivoryfrog dedi ki:

    Pretty sure I am going to pack this for my lunch at work on Tuesday.
    I would have taken it tomorrow if I hadn’t already prepped chicken thighs!
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  14. GoChaca dedi ki:

    ohhhh and I just got the primal kitchen chipotle mayo too. I think I get to make this tomorrow.

  15. reverb728 dedi ki:

    Done this a few times. Love it!

  16. LauraTFem dedi ki:

    I’ve made enough of them in my life to tell you right now that there are no tomatoes on a Big Mac.

    Recipe looks real good! I’d like to try this, seems super easy and tasty.

    (Also, you missed the rehydrated onions)

  17. middlenamesneak dedi ki:

    I do an animal style in&out version of this. Call it cheeseburger salad. Super nommy.

  18. MellyKellyKeto dedi ki:

    This is genius!

  19. funked1 dedi ki:

    What is the red slimy stuff? /s

  20. Eraser-Head dedi ki:

    Bro! This is munchie pothead food for keto practitioners.

  21. Mycobacterium dedi ki:

    Looks good but you shouldn’t call it Big Mac. Only like 3 ingredients there are actually on a Big Mac.

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