Black Pepper Tofu + Fried Veggie “Rice”

Black Pepper Tofu + Fried Veggie “Rice”

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  2. seahorse_party dedi ki:

    Black Pepper Tofu + Veggie Fried Rice

    I mostly made this up.

    (Stir fry)

    –1 lb extra firm tofu (I used Nasoya)
    –8oz sliced mushrooms
    –1 med zucchini, peeled/chopped
    –Tsp minced ginger or ginger stir-in paste
    –Black Pepper Sauce (I used Wegmans)
    –1 Tbsp oil of choice (I combined olive and some sesame)

    (Fried “Rice”)

    –10oz(ish) frozen riced cauliflower or riced mixed veggies (I used some Green Giant blend)
    –2 eggs
    –Tsp heavy cream
    –Tbsp butter
    –Tamari sauce
    –Chinese Five Spice Powder (if you have it, it’s so good)
    –1 tsp oil of choice (Olive/sesame combo)

    Prep the Tofu!

    (I froze the tofu, thawed it and then pressed it. Pressing is the important part. )

    -Slice block of tofu into 1/2 inch rectangles or triangles.
    -Place on a tea towel-lined baking sheet (not terry cloth, nothing fuzzy!).
    -Cover with paper towels or another tea towel.
    -Place second baking sheet or cutting board on top.
    -Rest heavy bowl/cast iron pan/books on top for 15-30 mins.
    -Remove weights, press down again, remove towels.

    Dry fry the tofu!

    -Heat a non-stick pan over medium heat.
    -Arrange the tofu so the pieces don’t touch, frying in batches if needed.
    -Press down firmly with spatula to remove water.
    -Tofu will get VERY DRY and slightly brown/crispy in about 10 mins.
    -Flip and repeat.
    -Place fried tofu in a bowl and stir in 1/4-1/2c of black bean sauce. Set aside.

    -Add oil to the tofu pan.
    -Fry zucchini and mushrooms on low/med in oil until soft.
    -In a small bowl, crack eggs and whisk with tsp of cream.
    -In a small frying pan, add butter and scramble eggs over med-low heat until cooked. Set aside.

    -Heat frozen cauli rice according to package (I microwaved for 6 mins).
    -Add to small pan with desired oil.
    -Sprinkle with Five Spice and tamari to taste.
    -Return scrambled egg to pan/rice and mix well.

    -In veggie pan, add ginger/ginger paste and stir till mixed.
    -Add tofu/black pepper sauce mixture and allow to reheat/thoroughly mix.
    -Add tamari to taste.

    Macros (Cronometer): Rice (I ate a 75g svg) 97 cals, 4.2g protein, 1.4g net carb, 8.2g fat

    Tofu/veg: (I ate a 160g svg) 220 cals, 6.7 net carbs, 13.8 g fat

    Edit for formatting. I will get the hang of it someday.

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