BLTA Lettuce Wraps with Blue Cheese

BLTA Lettuce Wraps with Blue Cheese

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  2. hamstermancomics dedi ki:

    Add shrimp and you’ll be having a BLAST.

  3. ANTIROYAL dedi ki:

    That’s just a half-assed Cobb Salad, son.

  4. Chris_the_Question dedi ki:

    What is the ‘A’?

  5. pm_stuff_ dedi ki:

    i think ill post my fried bacon keto recipe soon

  6. Beastrik dedi ki:

    What took longer to make? The post or BLTA?

  7. mrsnee56 dedi ki:

    Add cheese pickles and the Keto friendly bbq

  8. ikeif dedi ki:

    Blue cheese, you say? I haven’t tried that.

  9. Ketosheep dedi ki:

    This used to be my favorite breakfast.

  10. Beeels dedi ki:

    What lettuce type are you using?

  11. MrCrackerJacks dedi ki:

    Joey Diaz Special.

  12. Quantum-Enigma dedi ki:

    My kind of dinner.

  13. cateyedgrl dedi ki:

    I saw this at a restaurant lately and they used lobster with the bacon and avocado. Soooo freakin good.

  14. Herrowgayboi dedi ki:

    holy crap… I could eat that all the time

  15. fkin_si dedi ki:

    That looks super yummy.

  16. adgriffi_4 dedi ki:

    Delicious I have a lettuce wrap everyday for lunch! Will have to try just this!

  17. Bumbum2k1 dedi ki:

    How many do you usually eat? I’m thinking 2 or 3 would be a good lunch

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  19. NotTheGhost dedi ki:

    This is low effort

  20. AshtonTS dedi ki:

    At some point the whole BLT thing is lost. This is one of those times.

    I’m sure it’s tasty, but the spirit of a BLT is lost when you add extra stuff to it.

  21. FEARtheBUCKS dedi ki:

    You means a BLAT

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