Breakfast crunch wrap… for lunch (6 Net Carbs/each wrap)

Breakfast crunch wrap… for lunch (6 Net Carbs/each wrap)

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  2. Makaio21 dedi ki:

    Crunch Wrap – 1 egg, 1 slice of bacon, 1 slice of habanero cheddar cheese, ALL tucked in a La Tortilla Factory low carb wrap.

    La Tortilla Factory nutrition facts:
    Fat – 3g
    Protein – 8g
    Carbs – 19g
    Fiber – 13g
    Net Carbs – 6g
    Sodium – 340mg

    I like my breakfast at lunch time and my coffee for breakfast. Enjoy!

  3. ShouldBeWorking- dedi ki:

    Just use low carb mission tortillas?

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