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  2. DankeyKang08 dedi ki:

    Honestly, I don’t know what Britain’s all worked up about, this looks great!

  3. Fishsticks_15 dedi ki:

    Ok, not technically a fat bomb but we do know that grass fed animal fats are some of the best fats for keto. A full packer brisket will give you leftovers for days.

    -Watch YouTube on how to trim brisket… remember we like fat but hard brisket fat won’t render at low temp smokes.
    -rub is 50/50 salt and pepper
    – set charcoal grill temp for 225-250
    – I use applewood chucks on a Big Green Egg
    -Most briskets average 12 hours cook time but I have had them go 16
    -Cook to internal temperature of 198 -202 deg. Fahrenheit but probe or toothpick should slide in like nothing.
    -rest in a cooler in foil or non-waxed butchers paper for at least an hour.

  4. Fishsticks_15 dedi ki:

    50/50 kosher salt and ground pepper. Pepper gets grinded the sieved.

  5. Techwood111 dedi ki:

    This post made me just order a slicer. I love making brexit, and it is time I got the proper tool.

    Come to think of it, I could use a smoker upgrade, too…

  6. keypiddy dedi ki:

    I love you briskettt!!!!!!!

  7. preachers_kid dedi ki:

    Okay, I now want brisket for breakfast.

  8. Alucardis666 dedi ki:

    Looks amazing!

  9. Keeth_Moon dedi ki:

    So much better than pulled pork

  10. wvdominick dedi ki:

    I’ve never understood how people like to eat the fatty bits. It’s gross to me. The texture is a big turn off. Makes me want to gag.

  11. Wyettt dedi ki:

    I cut brisket into thin slices. My old co-worker tried to tell me that thick slices were preferable because that’s competition style.


    Cooking competitions are for amateurs. Never slice out your brisket the same day. Have some standards.

  12. brooks_buddy dedi ki:

    Stop eating me!!

  13. RussellBrandFagPimp dedi ki:

    OMGGGGG… Wow is that the whirpool WDF330PAHS????

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