Broccoli (stem) soup! Because throwing out your broccoli stems is wasteful

Broccoli (stem) soup! Because throwing out your broccoli stems is wasteful

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  2. docmelt dedi ki:

    Looks good except for the worms.

  3. allthenamesaretaken4 dedi ki:

    I’m not a soup guy, but I also don’t get the idea of throwing out broccoli stems. You just gotta slice ’em up into mini broccoli steaks. That said, this looks delicious!

  4. Xakura dedi ki:

    I’m sure it’s tasty, but before I saw the name of the subreddit, I thought it was a pile of worms in a swamp.

  5. Cremellolover dedi ki:

    •Kcal: 460 •Carbs: 6g •Proteins: 29g •Fats: 33g

    Bonus: the stems of broccoli contain more fibre & can be kept in the fridge for several days 🙂

  6. Cremellolover dedi ki:

    Recipe (mobile formatting)
    Ingredients: •1,5L water •250g broccoli •150g bacon bits/cashews •Bouillon cube

    Cut the broccoli into pieces, if you use a full broccoli cut off the flowers and save those for later. Cut the stems into small pieces & add these with the water and bouillon into a pot. Boil them until decently soft & add the broccoli flowers in. Boil as soft as possible. Use the stickblender until it’s all a soft thick mass.
    Fry the baconbits in a pan and add together in a bowl. (This is optional, though it adds some texture and salt – you could also use cashews).

    Edit: unit

  7. traviscalladine dedi ki:

    who throws out broccoli stems?

  8. Spocksballsweat dedi ki:

    Fried worms?

  9. Techwood111 dedi ki:

    I prefer this recipe:

    – Broccoli

    – tons of cheese

    – a bunch of smoked, diced ham

    – a lot of heavy cream

    – garlic and stuff

    Mine is slightly more caloric. 🙂

    EDIT: For /u/cooties4u and others — here are some similar recipes. By the way, shame on you if you try to use canned/cartoned “broth” or “stock.” Get a damned crock pot and a strainer, and cook down all your old chicken bones/ham bones/turkey carcasses. You are probably the same people who throw away your bacon grease. STOP IT!

    Keep it simple, and make a shit-ton of it at once and freeze it portioned out.

  10. Kellsha3 dedi ki:

    All you people throwing out broccoli stems have never run out of food before you ran out of month. Dang, my mother would have served the rubber band the broccoli was bound in if she could have thought of a way.

  11. edgeofchaos183 dedi ki:

    I never thought to eat the stems, I had never seen anyone make them so thought you just throw it out or save for veggie stock. I saw a recipe for roasted broccoli and they shaved the stem and roasted it all. Seems silly but it was revolutionary for my brain. Now the stem is my favorite part roasted! I’ll have to take it a step farther and use it in soup. Sounds great!

  12. DrRichardGains dedi ki:

    You can also make riced broccoli by grating the stems.

  13. rhiannononon dedi ki:

    how does it taste? i would add some garlic, onion, and turkey sausage to mine.

  14. theemoemue dedi ki:

    My broccoli stems go to the rabbits!

  15. parl dedi ki:

    Sweet Tomatoes (a local buffet restaurant) has broccoli stems chopped up as one of the choices in the buffet line.

  16. UndeadSheWolf dedi ki:

    The stems have the most nutrition in them! Never understood why people cut them off….

  17. AimForTheHead dedi ki:

    Broccoli and cauliflower stems make great potato substitutes in soups and stews. They have a similar texture when simmered.

  18. dapperpappi dedi ki:

    I feed broccoli stems to my dog

  19. MicahMurder dedi ki:

    I save my broccoli stems in the fridge and feed them to my dogs as treats. Although ii don’t give them too much due TJ the gas that eventually comes with it.

  20. papee10 dedi ki:

    I agree … totally wasteful to not use the stems.
    I use the stems by chopping them up add cheese and an egg microwaved for 90 sec.

  21. Hoosteen_juju003 dedi ki:

    Is that bacon? Really looks like worms man

  22. BlackWaterSiren dedi ki:

    This looks fantastic!

  23. Euphoric_Kangaroo dedi ki:

    I eat the stems.

  24. catonsteroids dedi ki:

    Never understood why people threw stems out. They’re the best part of broccoli.

  25. thisisareallyahuman dedi ki:

    looks like something you’d put out at Halloween and have blindfolded kids guess it’s brain’s.

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