Cauliflower rice was too wet and messed my sushi up, how do I prevent this?

Cauliflower rice was too wet and messed my sushi up, how do I prevent this?

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  2. no_dice_grandma dedi ki:

    Don’t microwave.

    Pan roast it. 400 degrees. You get a nice toasted flavor and get rid of the sulfur flavor present in brassicae. Also, it dries it out perfectly for some cream cheese and rice vinegar.

    I’ve made cauli sushi dozens of times with this method, and it behaves exactly like sticky rice.

  3. ilovecarrotcakes dedi ki:

    I typically saute frozen cauliflower in a pan. The water evaporates.

  4. GERONIMOOOooo___ dedi ki:

    One of the potential issues I’m seeing here may not really be the rice. You may need to sharpen your knife that was used. Other than that, if the cauliflower rice was a bit too moist, back off on the cream cheese a bit (go more by feel than by the amount a recipe calls out), and try pan roasting the cauliflower as others have suggested.

    But really, to me those don’t look like very clean cuts and that may have much more to do with the knife than the “rice”. Get your knife razor sharp and it will zip right through the roll with little, if any, deformation.

  5. bonersaurus-rex dedi ki:

    I toss mine into a hot pan, frozen, until it’s well thawed and the water has run out. Then I toss in some soy sauce and a little rice wine vinegar and let that cook through, then transfer to a bowl. While this steams a little, I get my cream cheese ready.

  6. hiiiiiimally dedi ki:

    Have you made it with cauliflower rice before?? Never heard of this but it’s brilliant!

    To wick moisture out, I’d use a cheese cloth once cooked or pat out all of the moisture with towel/paper towel.

  7. 4569 dedi ki:

    Put it in the fridge for a day after drying with a paper towel and use rice vinegar

  8. Viking_boots dedi ki:

    As soon as it is thawed, microwaves, cooked, wring the moisture out, using a hand-towel.

  9. PCBtoHelsinki dedi ki:

    When I made keto sushi I mixed my cauliflower rice with cream cheese (because it was going in my sushi anyways!) and made a “paste” to go on top of the seaweed layer. It held up really well!

  10. NWO1776 dedi ki:

    How did you cook the cauliflower?

  11. Teeklin dedi ki:

    You just don’t use “rice” at all. Anyone who is a sushi lover or makes sushi knows that the rice is the most important part. You won’t ever get cauli rice to taste like that and no matter what you do it will always taint things.

    However, who needs rice? Take your nori, throw some fish in there, and fill that bad boy up with all the cucumber, avocado, jalapeno, and spicy mayo you can handle and then throw your fish on that and roll it up.

    It will taste far better than any kind of cauli rice concoction you come up with. There’s just no way to make a good keto version that will taste anything like regular sushi. You can certainly make a new dish with cauli-rice and fish in seaweed that will taste good, but it won’t hit the spot nearly as well as just a roll without rice at all.

  12. diadack dedi ki:

    Sauté or bake it

  13. profsecretkeeper dedi ki:

    I nuke fresh raw cauliflower florets for 5-8 minutes in a baking dish and there’s usually not much moisture left. I’ll then rice it in a food processor, dump
    It in a bowl and add cream cheese. Mix until the cheese is well blended before adding the sugar free sushi vinegar I make. This way allows me to gauge it until it’s just sticky and not wet.

  14. OnlyPopcorn dedi ki:

    don’t forget to cool your cooked fake rice. Any steam that’s coming off from the oven cooking will just create a batch of moist glue. So cool it off to room temperature.

  15. rebecca_rae_ dedi ki:

    Cauliflower gets soggy when you overcook it- need to take it off the heat as soon as it’s cooked through(the color changes slightly). And frozen is soggy whether you overcook it or not! Always use fresh. I lightly sauté mine in coconut oil when I’m making sushi- if you just use a little there’s no detectable coconut flavor at all- other oils are much more over powering

  16. Lowpass86 dedi ki:

    make rolls with just fish/veggies/cream cheese

    its not worth the hassle imo

  17. easywriter dedi ki:

    Good on ya! Looks like you’ll get there in your next try. But Holy shiitake i can’t imagine putting so much work in to a knock off dish. And I generally like cooking.

  18. wingnut1964 dedi ki:

    You can fry it, thats what I do to make pizza crust. Works great.

  19. t-asian dedi ki:

    I use a potato ricer to squeeze out all the water, and you can do it while it’s hot instead of waiting for it to cool off. Works great to help dry it out. Finishing with heat (oven or stove) is better.

  20. dangsway dedi ki:

    Look up Dry Frying it totally changed cauly rice for me! sooo much more like rice instead of mush

  21. 99brokenshire dedi ki:

    It helps to just soften the rice by sprinkling with salt and mixing. Then letting that stand for 20 minutes, the salt will draw out the moisture.

  22. tommyscuzzo dedi ki:


  23. witnge dedi ki:

    Try konjac rice.

    I normally avoid konjac rice but it’s got the right texture for sushi.

    Or press the moisture out of your cauli rice after microwaving it.

  24. irishfury17 dedi ki:

    We prepare our yum-yum sauce and cauliflower ahead of time. Cauliflower gets cooked, then spread out on a pan in the fridge for a few hours at least, overnight is better.

  25. nomowo dedi ki:

    Here’s what I do: cook the cauliflower rice (I usually use frozen but have tried it with fresh too) and squeeze out as much water as possible. Then break it up and mix it with sour cream. That’s it. You can pair it with any strong flavor Asian dish. I like it even with just kimchi.

    I just eyeball it but I would say one cup of cooked cauliflower with 1 to 2 tablespoons of sour cream

  26. Squishy_Avocado dedi ki:

    Make sure once you cook the cauliflower, you let it sit until no more steam rises from it. If you start chopping/mashing/ricing it while it is still hot, you dont let the steam/moisture escape. Let it sit and cool completely, let all the steam escape. Then dice it or whatever you have to do and you can go a step farther and ring out any excess moisture with a cheese cloth.

  27. Gabykisa dedi ki:

    Put the cauliflower rice in a cheesecloth and squeeze some of the water out. You can also put a little bit of cream cheese to make it sticky.

  28. Theblackjamesbrown dedi ki:

    Use actual rice

  29. aiiigiiipyyy dedi ki:

    Looks also like the knife is too dull.

  30. Amm115 dedi ki:

    I just grind mine and use it raw, the crunch is great. Cream cheese for binder.

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