“Chaffle” Breakfast Sandwich

“Chaffle” Breakfast Sandwich

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  2. randomuser659 dedi ki:

    So I make these that look exactly the same as this but I make them totally different….

    I have a rectangle waffle maker (so it makes two squares).

    1 egg

    3/4 cup shredded cheese


    Turn on the waffle maker

    In a bowl mix the egg and the shredded cheese and whatever seasoning you like together.

    Divide the mixture in half. It doesn’t have to be exact.

    Spray waffle iron with non stick spray

    Spread half the mixture in each side. I like to use the back of my fork to pat the mixture across the whole square so it gets in each area.

    Close and cook. A LOT of steam comes out, it is fine. With my waffle maker I have to let it cook past the time that the light goes off, but just cook until golden brown. After 30 seconds out of the waffle maker, it firms up and is slightly crispy on the outside and soft in the middle. Does not crumble while you are eating.

  3. TriedAndProven dedi ki:

    I want this. In my mouth. Right now.

  4. ConCernd1 dedi ki:

    I burned my arm today making a chaffle. I may end up with a battle wound, but it was worth it!

  5. Smilingaudibly dedi ki:

    Question – would it be possible to make “chancakes” if you don’t have a waffle maker??

  6. supermitsuba dedi ki:

    I have a larger waffle maker. Maybe ill make a taco instead of a sandwich

  7. adriamarievigg dedi ki:

    Can you make waffles with fathead batter? Is there such a thing as fathead batter?

  8. Mutjny dedi ki:

    I wonder how many of these mini waffle makers this post sold.

    I personally know its at least 1.

  9. Thedracus dedi ki:

    Wonder how a full size waffle would work

  10. Meems138 dedi ki:

    I made chaffle pizza last night

  11. lilveggie226 dedi ki:

    This looks amazing. Cant wait to try it OH MAN

  12. Bac0nMeCrazy dedi ki:

    I eat these for breakfast every day! I have even put butter and SF syrup on one and it tastes like French toast!

  13. elevatedbroccoli dedi ki:

    That looks so freaking bomb

  14. SweetConsideration dedi ki:

    Looks great! Thanks for the idea,I needed some more breakfast ideas.

  15. connie_k dedi ki:

    Looks amazing omg!!!

  16. CreamFraiche dedi ki:

    This post made me order a waffle maker off amazon instantly. Thanks.

  17. YungRichKid dedi ki:

    That’s genius, thanks for the recipe✨

  18. myjawbepoppinnnn dedi ki:

    I’ve seen soo many chaffle posts here and on Instagram. Your post finally inspired me to order the Dash waffle maker on Amazon, it’s $7.99 for the mini white one with Prime! Excited to try it out and for $7.99 I don’t care if it breaks lol

  19. SoManySoFew dedi ki:

    Which is better? The waffle pattern or the flat plate? Does the waffle one hold more or brown better?

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