Chaffle cheesesteak

Chaffle cheesesteak

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  2. gopowergoh dedi ki:

    I legit thought that was a turtle for a second…

  3. BradleyB636 dedi ki:



    2 eggs

    Splash of heavy cream (1 tbsp?)

    Shredded cheese (I shred my own from a block- lower carbs and tastes better)

    Seasonings (optional- I used salt, oregano, granulated garlic, and rosemary)


    Frozen cheesesteak slices (4 per person)

    Shredded cheese

    Onion (optional- I used granular since I didn’t have any onions)

    Sauce (optional- I didn’t have any)


    Beat your chaffle ingredients except for the cheese. Sprinkle about 1 tbsp of cheese on your heated waffle maker, pour a bit of the batter on, top with 1 tbsp cheese. Cook 4 minutes, set aside.

    Heat a pan, toss in a little oil, and break up cheesesteak slices and place in pan. Add onion if you’re using it. Cook until browned, drain fat, add sauce (optional) and more cheese. Build the sandwich with two chaffles. I served with brussels sprouts- tossed in oil and salt, roasted 400 degrees F for about 30 minutes or so.

    Cheesesteak Chaffles are pretty much 0 carbs as I made them (no sauce, a little granular onion instead of real onion).

    I just threw these together using what I already had on hand. For future I would definitely use real onion and sauce. The seasoning really helped the chaffle, tastes delicious. Obviously made these with a dash mini waffle maker.

    Edit: my wife who never says any food is good used the word “amazing”. That’s about as high of a complement as I will ever get.

  4. sandbrah dedi ki:

    I love this. I keep thinking that there can’t possibly be another chaffle creation like this and I’m constantly surprised. The last one I can think of that I haven’t seen is chaffle SOS (shit on a shingle).

  5. uyenlinh83 dedi ki:

    Do you make a bunch of chaffles ahead of time? Curious if they heat up well the next day if I keep them in the fridge. Leaving them out until the next day doesn’t sound right to me.

  6. buss_down_thotiana1 dedi ki:

    Turtle and duck.

  7. TheGreenCo dedi ki:

    I’m at an [8] and straight up thought that was a turtle at first glance

  8. Brums86 dedi ki:

    People who are looking for chaffles, there’s a FB group for it. Tons of recipes


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