Chaffle Chicken Salad Sandwich

Chaffle Chicken Salad Sandwich

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  2. VeryHairyJewbacca dedi ki:

    Chaffle: mix egg + tbs almond flower + 1/2c cheddar and put 1/2 batter into mini waffle maker for 3 mins, remove and add remaining batter for 3 mins

    Chicken Salad (makes 2 servings): 7 oz chopped chicken with 1 oz mayo and .5 oz walnuts, add Seasoned salt and some pepper and mix all together

    Layer one slice of Muenster cheese, 1 cup of alfalfa sprouts, 1 serving of chicken Salad and a lettuce leaf on one of the chaffles, top with the other chaffle

    The Muenster cheese isn’t necessary but this is all I’m eating today so the extra calories are needed

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