Cheese Crumb Chicken Parm and Fried Pickles

Cheese Crumb Chicken Parm and Fried Pickles

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  2. toowelldone dedi ki:

    So I bought these [cheese snacks]( online and I was not a fan out of the bag, but I hate wasting food, and decided to try crushing them to use as breadcrumbs, and they turned out to be one of the best low-carb breadcrumbs I’ve tried yet.


    Crush cheese whisps in a ziplock with a rolling pin (I used 1 bag tomato basil flavored, 1 bag parmesan flavored) and place into large bowl. (Wound up using about 1/8 of that)

    In separate bowl, beat eggs (I beat 5, used about 2).

    Slice and pound chicken thin (I only did 8 oz but you can scale up as needed)

    Cube some pickle spears (I did 2 spears)

    Pre-heat avocado oil (pan filled about .5 inch deep) until shimmering, (used only 2 tbsp by weight)

    Season chicken, dip in egg, then breadcrumb and fry. Repeat with pickle

    Spoon some pre-made tomato sauce over the fried chicken (I used ¼ cup classico roasted garlic), serving the excess on the side. Then sprinkle over ¼ cup shredded mozzarella and quickly broil until the cheese melts.

    Macros as pictured (weigh your ingredients as this can vary wildly):

    1119 Cal, 10 carb, 75 fat, 98 prot

    Side note/question: Counting macros for fried foods can be tricky since you have a lot of waste (breading, egg, oil, etc.) that doesn’t get eaten. I usually calculate macros by weighing the ingredients before and after use and then multiplying the macros of the containers by the weight ratio used. For oil use, I put a trivet on my scale, then the pan + oil, get the weight before, then repeat after for the used oil weight, but would love to hear another method if you guys have one.

  3. PrincessParrotfish03 dedi ki:

    This looks so good! I like the cheese crackers as is, but i never thought to use them as breadcrumbs. Great idea!

  4. Purelife9 dedi ki:

    OMG this looks incredible. I absolutely hate almond flour and I needed a good alternative to using pork rinds. I can’t wait to try this, thank you so much for sharing, you totally made my day!

  5. randiesoto dedi ki:

    Gosh!this is so awesome!sumptuous meal

  6. blondvie dedi ki:

    aaaaaaaaa this looks delicious

  7. hecu_bis dedi ki:

    Looks amazing! I bought Whisps and really dislike them after a couple, but I can see them working as a coating!

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