Cheesesteak BLT Salad

Cheesesteak BLT Salad

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  2. toowelldone dedi ki:

    Made a delicious plate of cheesy greasy meat that feels wrong to call a salad:

    Dice, fry, and reserve 5 slices of bacon. Season and sautee 50 g onion, 50 g mushroom, and 5 cloves of minced garlic in the bacon grease. Then cook in 5 sheets of steakumms until crumbling and then melt in 3 oz. of 3-Pepper Colby Jack Cheese. Lay down some romaine leaves, drain and scoop the meaty cheese blob on top, dice a small tomato, and sauce the salad up with Sriracha-mayo.

  3. bethesq dedi ki:

    I read “cheesecake blt salad” and had a confused.

  4. PrincessBananas85 dedi ki:

    What did you have for dessert?

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