Cheesy Andouille and Chicken Casserole

Cheesy Andouille and Chicken Casserole

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  2. Jamieson22 dedi ki:

    This was one of those “Keto is Weird – what do I have on hand” recipes:

    * 1lb Frozen Broccoli (chopped)
    * 1-1/3c Queso Cheese Dip (La Terra Fina dip from Costco)
    * 1/2c Heavy Cream
    * 18oz Zatarain’s Andouille Sausage (diced)
    * 1lb Costco Packaged Rotisserie Chicken Breast (diced)
    * 6 slices Wright Hickory Bacon (cooked)
    * 2 tsp Garlic Powder
    * 1 tsp Black Pepper

    Mix cheese queso dip and heavy cream. Stir in rest of ingredients and pour into greased 9×13 baking dish.

    Bake at 350F for 50 minutes or until brown and bubbly.

    Costco cheese dip can be replaced with cream cheese and pepper-jack cheese mixed.

    6 Servings/683 calories/6g net carbs

  3. ImInundated dedi ki:

    Oh my, that looks amazing! Adding those items to my grocery list ASAP

  4. Yellow_Curry dedi ki:

    Fuck I need this in my body

  5. pushingthrulife dedi ki:

    Looks really good!

  6. 1nrsenocards dedi ki:

    Looks delicious and sounds easy to make. Great combination.

  7. millvill0921 dedi ki:

    Looks great!!!!

  8. Nunar dedi ki:

    Thank you! I’m always looking for more holiday recipes and this is perfect!

  9. jess3232 dedi ki:

    Definitely making this.

  10. exhausted_mum dedi ki:

    Looks amazing! Definitely going to try this!

  11. mandyjo1986 dedi ki:

    I’m making that!!!!

  12. SingleGirl612 dedi ki:

    Looks soooooooo gooooood.

  13. Avocados_Anonymous dedi ki:

    Saved, great recipe OP!

  14. ilikedonuts88 dedi ki:

    Yes yes yes

    I’m so making this!

    Thanks for sharing

  15. bigjohnminnesota dedi ki:

    Looks and sounds great, but my arteries aren’t as excited about all of the saturated fat.

    Any fat-reducing suggestions for a similar experience?

  16. jenneh123 dedi ki:

    This looks amazing, but as written it has over 2000 mg sodium per serving. I substituted 1 cup mozzarella cheese and on minced jalepeno for the queso dip, only used 1 pound of andouille, and used 2 chicken breasts I grilled myself and got it down to around 1100 mg per serving. Still not great, but a little less threatening. You could probably reduce it a little more by going with low sodium bacon.

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