Chicken Crust Breakfast Pizza

Chicken Crust Breakfast Pizza

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  2. Thundersnow69 dedi ki:

    Looks delicious. But my first glance at this photo and I thought it was a car exhaust and not a stove burner at the top of the picture.

    Pro tip: a stove is way better than a car at heating up this delicious dish!

  3. acekoolus dedi ki:

    Can you pick it up like a slice of pizza? I also make a chicken crust but I mix everything in the food processor and put in a half cup of almond flour.

  4. Atomic93Turtle dedi ki:

    Do you by chance have a macro break down?

  5. Atomic93Turtle dedi ki:

    Yeah i was thinking more of protein/fat macros.

  6. CSGORDON81 dedi ki:

    2 generations of animal for breakfast. Awesome!

  7. ladyinwaiting33 dedi ki:

    Looks absolutely delicious!

  8. uncircumsized87 dedi ki:

    Do You think mayo into the mix would help with binding as well?

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