Chicken, greens, & cheesy mushrooms

Chicken, greens, & cheesy mushrooms

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    My belly. Get in it.

  3. LogicalComa dedi ki:

    I’m sorry if this sucks. It’s more of a modifiable idea than a recipe. It’s also my first time posting here and I was hoping I can get some feedback as to how I’m eating. Sorry if my format sucks. I’m not familiar with how to make all the cool text.

    This is my go to dish (give or take a couple of ingredients) when I’m feeling lazy. I kind of just throw whatever vegetables I have in there so it’s never the same. But for the most part, it’s chicken on top of raw vegetables. For the sake of how I made this I’ll include as much as I can.


    2 thin sliced chicken breasts (with seasoning of choice)

    Vegan kimchi (optional)

    Habanero pepper (optional)

    Raw broccoli (prepackaged and cut)

    Spring mix salad (prepackaged)

    6 mushrooms (I usually use half of a small pack)

    2 mini bell peppers

    1 stick of two in one string cheese

    2 limes (was excessive and only needed half a slice)

    Wasabi (optional)

    [If I had an avocado, you better believe it would be in the black bowl]


    I started by putting the chicken breasts on a large pan so I can make them both at the same time. Medium low heat on the stove. While that’s going, I’m washing my vegetables. The only thing I needed a knife for was to cut the limes and the cheese stick. I put as much spring mix as I could fit in my only large bowl, knowing it would compact with the weight of the rest of the food. I remove the stems from the mushrooms. When the chicken is done cooking and I can tear shreds off of it, I leave it on there and cook it some more; this time with the mushroom stems, caps, and the mini bell peppers. Make sure your caps have the stem hole on the bottom side while cooking. When you flip your mushrooms, add the cheese in the stem hole (now on the top side) and cover your pan so it can melt. When the cheese is melted, you can turn off the flame and remove it from the stove.

    I added the raw broccoli to the spring mix, added the chicken and stems, squeezed a whole lime over the chicken and broccoli, and added vegan kimchi with a habanero (just because).

    The mushroom caps with cheese were served on a separate bowl. I wanted to enjoy the taste of the mini bell peppers without lime, so they went with the caps. Then as I’m eating, I occasionally dip a chopstick in the wasabi for a kick. My beverage of choice is sparkling water.

    I hope this inspires some of you. It’s very easy and only took about 30 min. Sorry for the sideways picture.

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