Cream Cheese Blintzes 😋

Cream Cheese Blintzes 😋

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  2. gogas2 dedi ki:

    8 eggs
    8 oz. Cream cheese
    4 TBS. Melted butter
    1/2 tsp vanilla
    1 TBS sweetener . .
    Filling .
    4 oz. Cream cheese
    1 cup full fat ricotta cheese
    1/2 tsp vanilla
    2 Tbs sweetener
    I whipped the filling up with a hand mixer while my pancakes cooked. Once I had them all cooked and stacked up, I filled them, wrapped them and stacked them up again! This recipe makes 8 blintzseses. .

    [More Recipes Here](

  3. dmac0331 dedi ki:

    No bongs with the blintz? Today I learned what a blintz actually is, and it looks delicious.

  4. tootsies19 dedi ki:

    Wait I’m so confused what the instructions are here. How do you make the pancake? The ingredients for the non-filling part don’t seem to be the pancake.

  5. memymomonkey dedi ki:

    Ooh, looks yum! Thx!

  6. BasqueOne dedi ki:

    Woohoo! Looks yummy! Thanks.

  7. darkwing42 dedi ki:

    Paint my chicken coop!

  8. mdepfl dedi ki:

    Saved. (Probably the fastest I’ve ever hit ‘save’!)

  9. phisch dedi ki:

    Oh my goodness. I wish I saw this earlier today. Everyone else had regular blintzes and I had the filling plus berries. I’ll be making crepes for myself next time!

  10. Desperately_Insecure dedi ki:

    Did you just bite that and spit it back out on the tray?

  11. sombrerosanddonkeys dedi ki:

    Pancake recipe?

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