Creamy Raspberry Breakfast Smoothie! (5g total carbs 🤤)

Creamy Raspberry Breakfast Smoothie! (5g total carbs 🤤)

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  2. Raz48 dedi ki:


    15-20 Raspberries

    2 Tablespoons heavy/double cream

    1/2 cup unsweetened coconut milk ( I used KoKo as it tastes the most like normal milk

    1 tablespoon erythritol/ sweetener of choice

    You can always add more cream to make a smoothie bowl or something else. Get creative!

    Nutritional Information –

    Calories : 152

    Fat : 14.2g

    Carbs : 5.2g

    Fiber : 3.1g

    Protein : 1.2g

  3. OltonKitz dedi ki:

    What kinda heavy cream are y’all using, I can only find heavy whipping cream

  4. rockbud dedi ki:

    Get some unflavored protein powder and toss it in. Even my chocolate powder tastes good in fruit smoothies

  5. x11obfuscation dedi ki:

    I just made this since I had a ton of frozen raspberries needing to be used. I added some cinnamon, nutmeg, cacao powder and a tiny pinch of salt. Boom, delicious!

  6. Nurzbet dedi ki:

    Adding some cream cheese to this makes it even more yum!

  7. Aido_Playdoh dedi ki:

    Does the fructose sugar in the raspberries get counted in the macros at all? I thought a lot of fruit was risky on keto.

  8. aryan-12 dedi ki:

    Wait, what about the sugar content? Natural sure. But there’s gonna be quite in there

  9. justamom18 dedi ki:

    Just made this! It’s amazing. I added a tablespoon of peanutbutter too and it’s really good.

    When I put it in my carb manager it comes out to 12 net carbs for me though! I did a (light) cup of frozen raspberries and it was 9 carbs just for that I guess?

  10. BadAngler dedi ki:

    I’m confused on your Macro count. The pure erythritol I just bought has 3 grams of carbs per teaspoon. So a tablespoon is 9 g right there. Plus the cream which has 2? coconut milk, 2? and raspberries gotta have at least 5… What am I doing wrong??

  11. OltonKitz dedi ki:

    Thank you I’ve been wondering this for so long haha

  12. axon-axoff dedi ki:

    Does EVERY post in this subreddit need to have that emoji in the title?

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