Cuban Mojo Roast Pork and Slaw

Cuban Mojo Roast Pork and Slaw

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  2. Remmib dedi ki:

    Sorry the picture isn’t the best, I just snapped it with my phone for friends.

    After learning this recipe, I will never make pulled pork again, also this is the best slaw I’ve ever had and it doesn’t even have mayo…

    This happens to be keto friendly as a happy accident, but it’s in the top 3 of the best meals I know how to make. Imo, the perfect keto meal is one that even non-keto’ers will absolutely love to eat.

    ([recipe link](

    > 3/4 cup extra virgin olive oil

    > 1 cup cilantro / coriander, lightly packed
    > 1 tbsp orange zest

    > 3/4 cup orange juice, fresh

    > 1/2 cup lime juice

    > 1/4 cup mint leaves, lightly packed

    > 8 garlic cloves

    > 1 tbsp fresh oregano leaves, packed (or 1/2 tbsp dried oregano)

    > 2 tsp ground cumin

    > 1 tsp salt

    > 1 tsp black pepper

    I’ve done this recipe twice, an 8lb and an 11lb. The 8lb’er was cooked to around 160-165F internal as suggested (3hr15 foiled @ 325F bake, then 30m uncovered approx @ 415F convection roast, then rested for 30m), the 11lb’er I cooked to about 170-175F internal (5hrs foiled @ 325F bake, then rested for 1.5h, I got busy and wasn’t able to do the secondary uncovered roast part, so I just put it on broil for 5 mins). This second time I did it, the 11lb’er, came out even better and juicier. I ended up being able to remove the shoulder bone without too much effort. [Pic of inside](, easily able to cut full slices here, in the plated pic I had chopped mine up.

    I followed the marinade – the most time consuming part of this recipe – in the link (which is for a 4lb shoulder) and I never doubled it or anything just because I was using a heavier shoulder. What you do need to do though, is increase the salt for the marinade. A good general rule is 1tsp of salt per pound of meat. Ideally kosher salt, but I used sea salt, regular salt will still work obviously – just maybe use 3/4tsp per pound (I think).

    If you have an 8lb shoulder, good luck getting it in a ziploc bag with the marinade. I would suggest instead putting the pork and marinade in a big bowl or container, and if you get a chance, flipping it over in the marinade once during the 8-24 hour marinade time.

    You’ll want an at least 3 inch deep tray to bake this thing in because so much liquid comes out of it when it cooks. I cut two onions into 4 flat rounds so that I could place the pork on top of them in the tray.

    Save the marinade and use it to create a pan sauce with the drippings from the meat. Note that if you increased the salt for an 8lb’er that the sauce will be salty unless you add more liquid to it to balance. All the tasty liquid that is left in the pan after roasting can probably be used to make something tasty, but I haven’t thought of what yet. I do know it is an amazing base to use for cooking rice, but we can’t have that :(.


    ([recipe link]( ))

    > 1 medium red cabbage (about 2 lb), shredded

    > 1 bunch cilantro, leaves and stems minced (about 1 cup)

    > 1 large carrot, shredded (about 1 cup)

    > 1 tablespoon orange zest

    > 8 cloves garlic, minced

    > 1/2 cup fresh orange juice (about 3 medium oranges)

    > 1/2 cup fresh lime juice (about 4 medium limes)

    > 1 teaspoon dried oregano or 1 tablespoon fresh minced oregano

    > 1 teaspoon ground cumin

    > Salt and pepper, to taste

    > 1/3 cup extra-virgin olive oil

    Skip the blender portion of this recipe, that is needless mess/cleaning work.

    Take her recipe and add sliced mini cucumbers (at least 3), a yellow bell pepper (orange or red also works), 2 jalapeños (keep seeds if you want a little heat – note that their heat tames after a day in the slaw, no seeds if you just want some nice extra flavor).

    For the dressing, do not use as many oranges and limes as she suggests. The juice of 1 or 2 oranges and 2 limes will work just fine, otherwise you’ll end up with a pool of liquid in the slaw. Grate the garlic. Use dried oregano instead of fresh. Minimum 1tsp salt, after that add to taste. Put all of the spices and liquids/oil in a little bowl and mix and then pour over the top of the chopped veggies. Put lid on container and shake.


    Do yourself a favor and make this ASAP. Lots of leftovers and I didn’t get tired of eating it multiple times.

  3. RupertMcStuff dedi ki:

    This looks amazing!!!

  4. duckthegoose88 dedi ki:

    Definelty going to try. Your presentation is lacking but I bet it tastes okay….

  5. iamfrank75 dedi ki:

    Just an FYI, this cooks very well in a Dutch Oven over coals or in your oven.

  6. pocketradish dedi ki:

    You gotta know about these cuban black soy beans to go with that pork!

  7. Heinik11 dedi ki:

    Yes! I learned about mojo pork from a new cooking show on Netflix.. honestly can’t believe I have ever cooked pork a different way! So flavorful.. thank you for the cooking tips, I’ll be following your ideas asap!

  8. Natalicious-Keto dedi ki:

    You did an amazing job laying out the recipe with all the instructional nuances, so thank you for that as well as what sounds like an amazing recipe to try out! Pork Shoulder is on sale now so I would love to make this soon! A keeper!

  9. Phorensick dedi ki:

    Looks great! I would think about doing a ramen style soup with the pan juices. Thin it out a bit and serve with konjac noodles or zucchini noodles, some leftover pork (you have leftovers right?!, RIGHT?!), And some spring onions, coriander and a dash of hot sauce…And Bob’s your uncle!

    Cuban goes Asian!

  10. metalnuke dedi ki:

    This looks amazing, thanks for sharing!

    Do you think a boneless loin will be ok (not a tenderloin)?

    It’s a bit hot for the oven this time of year, do you this would work in the crock pot for the first part of the recipe?

  11. soggymittens dedi ki:

    Holy cramoly this looks amazing. Thank you!

  12. EggIsMyFriend dedi ki:

    Could the pork be adapted to a slow cooker?

  13. accidental_hippy dedi ki:

    I see literally nothing wrong with this photo. I’m not even hungry and I’m drooling.

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