Deep fried tofu

Deep fried tofu

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4 Responses

  1. Big_Irish81 dedi ki:

    That looks like deep fried pencil erasers

  2. Mr_Truttle dedi ki:

    Is there a specific reason to freeze and thaw, rather than just using fresh?

    Does the thaw cycle help break it down or expel more of the water?

  3. rcrow2009 dedi ki:

    1 block of firm tofu (frozen and thawed)
    Vegetable oil

    Freeze and thaw a block of FIRM tofu.
    Cut into strips.
    Salt both sides.
    Place of paper towels, cover in a cutting board, and press for 10 minutes.
    Deep fry at 375f for 3 minutes per batch.
    Serve with sugar free bbq sauce, hot sauce, or other sauce.
    Makes two servings

    Macros per serving.
    2 net carb
    288 calories
    22 fat
    20 protein

    Tasty tasty and crunchy!

  4. xWakeUpTheDeadx dedi ki:

    Heads up for the men out there: don’t eat tofu. Unless you hate having a sex drive and you love man boobs.

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