Deep-Frying Friends, I need help with a crumb/batter option

Yesterday I decided to do my first deep-fry on Keto. My wife loves mozzarella sticks, so I froze a bunch of string cheese portions. The frozen sticks were dipped in egg wash and dredged in a crumb consisting of ground up pork rinds and parmesan cheese. I laid them on a sheet tray and froze them. Then I re-dipped and re-dredged them so they had a thick crust. I froze them again.

I baked up 2 at 425 for 10 minutes and got puddles with crunchy bits. Then I deep fried them. Sweet Cthulhu they fried up amazingly well. The outsides were ultimate crispness and the insides perfectly gooey. My wife was pleased.

Turns out, I have a stomach-turning revulsion reaction to pork rinds. Not like an allergy, just an aversion. I felt nauseous being around them. This makes me sad because they were the PERFECT crispy-crust making substance for keto.

So I ask you, my Frying-Friends: What other crumb options are there or what kinds of batters have you made for coating foods destined for that deep deep fry?

Btw, I have photos of my mozzarella stick adventure, but I do not have imgur or whatever that is and no intention of creating new accounts anywhere. If there’s a place to drop them that does not require any kind of account, I would be happy to do that. If not, sorry for the tease.

Edit to add photos (thanks u/ilovecarrotcakes):

One baked and two fried:

Double-coated, on sheet tray in deep freeze:

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6 Responses

  1. Smilingaudibly dedi ki:

    Unflavored protein powder. I usually mix it with grated parmesan and a little seasoning. It makes a super crispy exterior on anything you want breaded

  2. jibbyjackjoe dedi ki:

    These look so good!

    But that title, man. I was like “I have bad friends, but I don’t want to deep fry them”

  3. rcrow2009 dedi ki:

    Try almond flour. It’s a good substitute.

  4. benhc911 dedi ki:

    You can try flax meal, lower carb than a lot of the “flours” we use regularly in keto, high fiber and high Omega 6 fat… Kind of a “whole grain” sort of taste

  5. graymidday dedi ki:

    What type of oil do you use for deep frying keto food?

  6. TheAzureMage dedi ki:

    Take scissors, cut your string cheeses in half to make them shorter, and more mozzie stick appropriate. Crack an egg or two on a plate, scramble it, leaving it raw.

    Mix 50/50 almond flour and powdered Parmesan cheese. Roll in egg, roll in flour/cheese. Do that last step a second time. Deep fry as normal. Serve with Rao’s tomato sauce(low carb marinara options).

    You can use shredded, but it’s more hassle to get the cheese to stick.

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