Easy Breakfast Burrito- 6g NET carbs

Easy Breakfast Burrito- 6g NET carbs

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  2. Muddaofdragons dedi ki:

    2 eggs,
    2 TBSP Bacon bits or cooked bacon pieces,
    1 TBSP 505 Green Chile,
    1/8 cup Kraft shredded Mexican cheese,
    1 Mission Low carb tortilla,
    Favorite salsa (preferably no carb)

    I just added my whisked eggs to a pan pre-heated to a medium low setting. Then while the eggs are still raw, add the bacon bits. Once eggs are half way cooked, I add the green chile and finish scrambling eggs. Then I lay out the tortilla, lay cooked eggs along the center, then sprinkle the shredded cheese, and finally.. roll into a burrito. I also use the Taco Bell Hot sauce packs, they do not have any carbs and add more spice, not to mention they taste great.

    Macros: 6g NET Carbs, 20.5g Fat, 28g Protein

  3. road_rascal dedi ki:

    Sounds like my regular breakfast routine but I put fresh spinach in mine. Thanks!

  4. kmarni dedi ki:

    I love Taco Bell sauce.

  5. DurtyEnglish dedi ki:

    Wait but what is the tortilla ?

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