Egg roll in a bowl – delish!

Egg roll in a bowl – delish!

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  2. x_Stace_x dedi ki:

    The most perfect sriracha swirl I’ve ever seen…

  3. limegreenskittle dedi ki:

    • 1lb ground pork
    • 1/2 head green cabbage
    • 1/2 head red cabbage
    • 1/4c shredded carrots
    • 1 small white onion
    • 1/2c soy sauce
    • 2tbls sesame oil
    • 2tbls ground ginger
    • 2tbls minced garlic
    • 1tbls siracha
    • 4 eggs (fried, for garnish)

    1. Brown pork on stove, add in garlic and sauté.
    2. Chop up cabbages/veggies, set aside in another bowl
    3. Once meat is browned, add in veggie mix, and pour soy sauce on top. Stir in ginger and mix in well, turning about 4-5 times within 15 minutes.
    4. Once cabbage is cooked to liking, drizzle with sriracha and sesame oil.
    5. Fry the eggs in a separate pan, plate your meal, add the egg on top, drizzle with more siracha if desired and voilà.

    This was super easy to make, and quick too!

    Roughly 4.9g carbs per serving, adapted from [this recipe ]( originally

  4. Another_Monica dedi ki:

    I make egg roll in a bowl all the time. It never occurred to me to put an egg on it! Brilliant!

  5. Nach0Man_RandySavage dedi ki:


  6. daisyloveee dedi ki:

    I would have never thought about this. I have made the cauliflower fried rice many times because I love Chinese food but this is a great idea. I’ve been working on a good substitute for my favorite chow mien and this will go great with it.

  7. The_DaHowie dedi ki:

    Does it taste like a true egg roll? I’ve been searching…

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