Egg with kale pesto and crushed pistachios – 100 cal, 1.1 net carbs

Egg with kale pesto and crushed pistachios – 100 cal, 1.1 net carbs

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  2. redalmondnails dedi ki:

    I basically modified the kale pesto part of [this bon Appétit recipe](

    In a blender, add about 15 pistachios, 2 tablespoons olive oil, maybe 1/3 cup water? I honestly eyeballed this but that’s about how much I added. Blend thoroughly.

    Add 2 cups of stripped and roughly chopped kale. The Bon Appétit recipe calls to blanch the kale first, but I used fresh and it turned out fine. Blend until smooth, adding water if necessary. Salt to taste.

    To cook this egg, I cracked it into a hot pan and let the white set up underneath, then added a few drops water and allowed it to cook until the yolk was the desired doneness.

  3. Madame_Sriracha dedi ki:

    I love this, but who eats just one egg?! Those bad boys are yummy

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