Enough thanksgiving cheating ! Today was a 16/8 and this is how I broke the fast .

Enough thanksgiving cheating ! Today was a 16/8 and this is how I broke the fast .

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  2. littletinylotus dedi ki:

    I feel a lot better about myself, knowing I’m not the only one who cheated on keto with Thanksgiving chaos.

  3. millerpmiller dedi ki:

    Those eggs look delish!

  4. cgallardo2013 dedi ki:

    It’s apple cider vinegar , Dijon mustard , EVOO, fresh garlic pressed finely, salt, pepper, mrs dash lemon pepper, and half a fresh squeezed lemon

  5. aninquisitivelurker dedi ki:

    Yum. Color me inspired!

  6. nciscokid dedi ki:

    What kind of seasoning is on the greens?? The whole thing looks superb!

  7. SweetPinkRain dedi ki:

    Damn that looks so freaking good

  8. Guander-Guoman dedi ki:

    Yes! I ate “regular” food on Thanksgiving and, while yesterday I resumed keto and 18:6, but today I found that I had put on another lb. LOL. I was mad at the darn scale but I knew the Thanksgiving ham I ate yesterday as part of my keto diet was high on sodium and I could feel my feet and hands swollen today. So… no more Thanksgiving cheating or even keto leftovers. I went back to my good ole foods.

  9. GrouchyFrau dedi ki:

    What would u substitute for the eggs, can’t eat them.

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