Frankenstein dish that tastes a lot better than it looks 😂 aka. poo on toast

Frankenstein dish that tastes a lot better than it looks 😂 aka. poo on toast

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  2. ketchupsforwinners dedi ki:

    at the risk of sounding like one of those cooking blogs where you have to wade through the writer’s life story just to get to their recipe for PB on toast, I have a story to tell.

    when I was growing up, Mum’s go-to answer when my siblings and I wailed the dreaded ‘Muuuuum… what’s for teeeea?’ was ‘poo on toast’.

    Over time, ‘poo’ became a recognised dish, adaptable enough to be served on baked potato, rice, pasta.. but funnily enough, never on toast.

    Tonight, I’m celebrating the rich culinary history of my family with my keto adaptation.

    – 250g konjac rice
    – 200g quorn mince
    – 100g cherry tomatoes
    – 100g mushrooms
    – 20g butter
    – sprinkle of smoked paprika

    I washed and drained the konjac rice, fried it in half the butter, then set it aside.

    Chucked the quorn, tomatoes, paprika and mushrooms in the pan with about 100ml of water and cooked until the mushies were mushy, the tomatoes broke down, and all the water evaporated before stirring through the remaining butter.

    nuked the rice for a minute, then chucked the mince mix on top.

    8.3g of net carbs (38.6g total, 30.3g fibre), 21.7g fat (11.9 saturated), 34.8g protein, 405 calories

  3. laurenbillman dedi ki:

    i’ve been wanting to try that rice, but haven’t yet. What’s the texture and flavor like? Do you think it’s similar to normal rice? Also what do you think of this rice vs cauliflower rice?

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