Fried Pork Belly “French Fries” are ridiculous!

Fried Pork Belly “French Fries” are ridiculous!

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  2. LonelyLightningRod dedi ki:

    Recipe is extremely easy!

    Take Pork Belly strips and cook them in a skillet or boil them.
    Cut them into finer “fry like” strips and flash fry them in olive or avocado oil until brown and crispy.
    Salt and pepper to your liking.

    Anyone who is fat adapted cannot bite into one of these and not smile! You’ve been warned.

  3. mkatheryn dedi ki:

    Another super awesome way to cook these is to make cracklins!

    -cut into bite size pieces

    -Slow and low fry for about an hour until golden brown and with a light crisp

    -let cool and then place in fridge for a couple hours or over night

    -when ready to eat, flash dry super hot and quick. Once out of the oil, sprinkle with Cajun/creole seasoning

    A labor of love but oh so worth it!

  4. Yozki dedi ki:

    ITT: gringos discover chicharrones

  5. Squatcher4life dedi ki:

    Use these to make poutine! It’s delicious!

  6. lzambrano87 dedi ki:

    Those with some salsa verde.

  7. Kremak dedi ki:

    I love getting a large pork belly and giving it a good rub with some bbq seasonings and throw it in my smoker for about 6 hours. Chill a few hours to over night then slice up and fry in cast iron.

  8. babybear68 dedi ki:

    So Logan’s Roadhouse had these things for a very brief time, They were roll your eyes back in your head good.

  9. arawwd dedi ki:

    These look delicious!

  10. gorillagilbert dedi ki:

    You gotta try fried pork jowl. It’s amazing.

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