Gordon Ramsey Inspired Chilli Dogs and Pickled Cabbage

Gordon Ramsey Inspired Chilli Dogs and Pickled Cabbage

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  2. albinorhino215 dedi ki:

    Finally, some delicious fucking food

  3. thisisspeedway dedi ki:

    I was watching Gordon Ramsey yesterday and he made Chilli Dogs and a Pickled Cabbage to go inside a taco. Both looked lush and I thought I could make a keto version.


    **Chilli (makes four portions)**

    One small onion

    1 tsp of cumin (seeds)

    4 garlic cloves

    1 tsb chilli powder

    500g mince beef

    2 tsb Worcestershire sauce

    4 tsb tomato puree

    400g chopped tomatoes

    1 tsb oregano


    **Hot Dogs**

    Your favourite dogs, I chose Herta Jumbo Frankfurters


    **Pickled Cabbage (one serving)**

    1/4 Sweetheart or Chinese cabbage

    2 tsp rice wine vinegar

    1 tsb sesame oil

    1 tsb dried chilli flakes


    Top with your favourite cheese (mine is extra mature cheddar) and my guilty pleasure crispy onions.


    In total this is 18g carbs and 778 calories.

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