I present the naturally Keto humble whole roasted chicken! (Or two).

I present the naturally Keto humble whole roasted chicken! (Or two).

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  2. chibiace dedi ki:

    i cant eat 2 no matter how hard i try

  3. ImbalancingAct dedi ki:

    Looks delectable. What’s the recipe?

  4. itsalloriginal dedi ki:


    2 x 4.5 lb whole chickens (rinsed; gibblets remixed)

    1/2 C olive oil, divided

    3 small onions, roughly chopped

    1/8 C Rosemary

    1/8 C Basil

    8 cloves garlic

    1 T creole/Cajun seasoning

    Salt and pepper


    Place half the olive oil and all the onions in the bottom of a large Dutch oven (that’s my 13.25 qt Le Creuset)

    Rub the remaining oil on the chickens and add the seasonings — I wear gloves so I can really rub it in well.

    Place in an oven, uncovered, at 450* for *15 minutes* then turn the heat to 350* and cook for approximately 20 min per lb, til temp is 165*.

  5. nostalgicBadger dedi ki:

    Your skin doesn’t look like it’s crisping up as much as it should. Not sure you need to add oil on top of the skin. Normally what I do is dry brine mine the night before and then maybe add some herb butter *under* the skin. Also, you can drastically reduce cook time by spatchcocking it and laying it out on a sheet. This helps to get a crispier skin too because you’re exposing more of it.

  6. reverendbeast dedi ki:

    That’s braised chicken. Looks delicious!

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