Jalepeno Poppers! 🥰🌶🥓

Jalepeno Poppers! 🥰🌶🥓

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  2. VixensGlory dedi ki:

    -13 Jalepeno
    -Block of cream cheese
    -2 packs of bacon
    -1 cup cheddar cheese/marble
    -5 cloves garlic

    Mix cream cheese, marble cheese and garlic together. Cut jalepeno in half and scrap out seeds. Fill with cream cheese mixture and wrap in bacon

    Cook at 400 for 20-30 mins – when bacon is cooked through! 🙂

  3. Amerikaner83 dedi ki:

    NSFW tag this please 🙂

  4. CarefulMaybe3 dedi ki:

    I made these the other day but in my air fryer. Best. Ever.

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