Just getting started with Keto and made this steak salad with about 1g net carbs. How’d I do?

Just getting started with Keto and made this steak salad with about 1g net carbs. How’d I do?

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  2. jayy42 dedi ki:

    I’m surprised the romaine doesn’t go over 1g of carbs. Looks good assuming it’s full fat dressing.

  3. willworkfor-avocados dedi ki:

    Great job! I always sous vide my steaks, it’s fantastic for keto.

    If you ever miss a crunch/“crouton” make sure to try wisps or other Parmesan crisps. They’re great!

  4. GERONIMOOOooo___ dedi ki:

    Looks good and bloody rare. Perfect to me!

  5. TheGenesisPattern dedi ki:


  6. jadam dedi ki:

    Pretty simple recipe: sous vide steak at 130°F and sear on the grill. Cut into strips and serve over lettuce with Boursin cheese and creamy Caesar dressing.

  7. sea-astronauts dedi ki:

    You forgot to cook the steak. Lol

  8. no_dice_grandma dedi ki:

    Is this steak is cooked to a perfect medium rare? With sous vide can you get pink all the way to the edge so it looks raw but the taste is incredible?

  9. RedneckStew dedi ki:

    Great! What time is dinner?

  10. ness82 dedi ki:

    Pretty good ,but I would add another couple cup’s of leafy greens.

  11. TheTank123 dedi ki:

    You made a salad.

  12. BlurredSight dedi ki:

    The steak is a bit too raw for me

  13. thethirstypanda dedi ki:

    Looks awesome. Try pork rinds for a bit of crunch too! Personal favorite for croutons and coating meat.

  14. therealdrewder dedi ki:

    where’s the bacon and the more steak?

  15. maxwellius_ dedi ki:

    your steak is R A W

  16. Fedaykin_Sandwalker dedi ki:

    You forgot to cook the steak.

  17. sdbakes1989 dedi ki:

    Looks fantastic

  18. santianmly dedi ki:

    What dressing do you recommend?

  19. cherrymxmx dedi ki:

    Preparation time??

  20. Superagent247 dedi ki:

    Looks amazing! Good job!

  21. destijve dedi ki:

    Looks great, might want to try cooking the steak next time.

  22. easywriter dedi ki:

    Not a bad first go! A couple of really easy tips to kick this up a notch from ho-hum to yum-yum:

    * instead of just iceberg or romaine lettuce grab a box of mixed greens, usually includes stuff like baby romaine and oak leaf lettuces, Swiss chard, mizuna, arugula, frisée, and radicchio. Much nicer texture in the mouth and the flavours compliment the steak and cheese better than the bland watery burst you get with iceberg or romaine

    * on a salad i prefer to pan fry a striploin steak with a a nice edge of fat to it. preseason with a nice layer of salt and pepper and let it rise to room temp for 30 mins, then pan fry hot in olive oil to make a nice outer crust, then add loads of butter and a little thyme to the pan while you bring the steak to how you like it done. Flip frequently, usually doesn’t take more than 2-3 mins a side, and don’t neglect the edges (especially melt off some of the fatty edge, so yum). The salt/pepper crust, butter, and thyme add additional terrific flavours to the salad

    * Looks like you have a light blue cheese on there, or maybe goat cheese? If you like cheese with bold flavour go Danish Blue, marries beautifully with the steak

    * throw a little raw purple onion on top, not too much, finely chopped

    * is that 1000 island dressing, or like “zesty italian”? try just a light mix of simple olive oil and balsamic vinegar. accentuates rather than replaces the natural flavours of everything else, particularly if you get good olive oil it’ll add a peppery kick, and the balsamic adds a layer of sweetness


  23. Moose281 dedi ki:

    So keto uses raw meat?

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