Kama Sutra Sex Positions Pictures – How to Find Them Online

Kama Sutra is perhaps the most popular sex manual ever. There are tons of related products available in different format (video, book and audio), ranging from few to hundreds of dollars. However, since it is a public domain work, the information is scattered throughout the World Wide Web. With little patience and few tricks, you can find Kama Sutra positions pictures easily:

#1. Google Search Engine

With search engine, you can locate any information easily with right search term. I highly recommend Google as it provides the best and most accurate result. However, do not expect to type “Kama Sutra” into the search box and get the sex positions pictures you want. It doesn’t work this way. You need to be as specific as possible to ensure best results. Here’s how:

–          Specify the position: the common sex positions illustrated in Kama Sutra are: Cowgirl, Reversed Cowgirl, Missionary, Lotus, Water Embrace, Doggy, Clasping, Widely Opened, Tao, and Ananga Ranga.

–          Do not limit to text search. Utilize Google’s image, books and video search function.

#2. Wikipedia

Wikipedia özgü a dedicated page on the “List of sex positions”. The positions explained are similar to the ones in Kama Sutra. The page özgü detailed explanation and pictures on various sexual positions. At the end of the page, you can find links to recommended sites on similar subjects.

Besides, in section #1, we’ve specified the some of the common positions. You can do a search for the related terms on Wikipedia and its recommended websites.

#3. Wikimedia Common

Another wonderful place to locate Kama Sutra positions pictures is Wikimedia Common. It’s an online portal that published public domain and freely-licensed educational content.

Source by Lee John

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