Keto B. L. T.

Keto B. L. T.

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  2. keto_emma dedi ki:

    My liv life bread finally arrived. Hurrah! I had to buy 6 loaves from amazon, but I’m relieved that it didn’t disappoint. My freezer will now be stacked for months!


    Cook off 3 rashers of streaky bacon

    Finely slice some tomato (I use 20g per sandwich)

    Cut up a large lettuce leaf

    Lightly toast 2 slices of low carb bread (I used liv life which I got on amazon for 3.6 net carbs a slice)

    Layer one slice of bread with a teaspoon of mayo, bacon, tomato and then the lettuce, top with the final piece of bread (buttered if you fancy).

    Less than 9g net carbs and around 350 calories for a sandwich.

    Ive been missing bread soo much and I am sooo happy I found this.

  3. short_horses dedi ki:

    BLTs are one of my top five things in life.

    Thanks for this!

  4. halfbaht dedi ki:

    How does the bread taste? I live in Canada and just tried unbun here. They make great pizza based but the bread wasn’t so pleasant

  5. DannyDantv dedi ki:

    Do you have an amazon link? What’s it called?

  6. fringing dedi ki:

    this isn’t a recipe this is literally just a blt with low carb bread

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