Keto bread in 90 seconds

Keto bread in 90 seconds

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  2. ________null________ dedi ki:

    Saving this for future use.

    Did you use ultra fine, fine, or coarse ground almond flour?

  3. lovindakok dedi ki:

    Not 90 seconds but a better quality bread IMHO is the psyllium husk bread on the Diet Doctor website. To make it more of a hearty brown bread use three whole eggs instead of egg whites and omit the water.

  4. mellierollie dedi ki:

    Looks pretty good! I gave up my microwave but I need it back now!

  5. grckalck dedi ki:

    I’ve made and eaten this. I’ve seen it called 90 second mug bread. I’ve made it in a flat sandwich sized tupperware container so it could be more easily sliced into “sandwich” type bread.

    But if you havent heard of it yet, I HIGHLY recommend the new Franz Keto bread. A bit dry and the pieces are small, but its BREAD. Just take it out and make toast, a sandwich, whatever you use bread for. Game changer for me.


  6. Robinimus dedi ki:

    This sounds amazing! Gotta try this.

  7. pale_eve dedi ki:

    Yum I’ll have to try! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. Blackberrytwofoots dedi ki:

    Make sure you beat the egg well for microwave “breads”. It should be fully forked about before adding to other ingredients. Otherwise, you get bits of scrambled egg throughout and it is very unappetizing. Did I say VERY? Bleh.

  9. Jbear24 dedi ki:

    I wonder if this would work with coconut flour? Almond flour gives me a tummy ache.

  10. TheSunshineProtocol dedi ki:

    This is on my daily rotation pretty much – I add chopped bacon and spinach to this as well as cheddar! You can add just about anything!

  11. pagette44 dedi ki:

    I got this recipe from I plan on adding sugar free cocoa powder and sweetener

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