Keto Cold Brew with Marshmallow Foam

Keto Cold Brew with Marshmallow Foam

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  2. quiltylikeafox dedi ki:

    I was off the plan last fall and maybe got a little too into Starbucks Cold Brew with foam. I figured out a quick way to dupe my brain.

    I use Dunkin Cold Brew packs for the convenience, although they are a little weak for my taste – to make up the difference, I throw in a bit of espresso powder. I also add a bit of Caramel Pecan Skinny Syrup.

    The foam is the important part – I use 1/2 cup So Delicious Unsweetened Creamer and a drizzle of HWC (maybe a little less than a tablespoon). I add in a pinch of powdered swerve and about 8 drops of Oooflavors Vanilla Marshmallow flavor concentrate, and then whip it with my frother for 30 seconds or so until it becomes stiff. The foam is actually quite stable, and will maintain its shape for a while as I sip in peace.

  3. bebeschtroumph dedi ki:

    FYI, if you don’t mind sweetener, they will make the cold foam with sweetener, like the sugar free salted caramel syrup for example.

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