Keto gimbap

Keto gimbap

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  2. melrrvincent dedi ki:

    Was craving sushi but wanted to add extra flavour without too many extra carbs, so decided to make it more gimbap/kimbap style.

    Ingredients I used:
    – tuna mixed with a little mayo
    – avo, sliced
    – kimchi
    – egg made into a thin omelette, sliced thinly
    – nori sheets
    – sesame oil and sesame seeds


    If you want to make mini gimbap like I did, cut the nori sheets into 4.

    Add the toppings to one edge of the nori.

    Roll the gimbap and place on a plate with the opening side down to help seal.

    After you have rolled them all, brush a little sesame oil on top of each and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

  3. frogadello dedi ki:

    I WILL MAKE THIS. Thank you!

  4. MotherAccount dedi ki:

    This looks Soooooo good.

  5. HermesLurkin dedi ki:

    Thank you, this looks amazing and really easy.

  6. ohhhhhhmyglob dedi ki:

    you can do the “rice” with cauliflower and cream cheese

  7. darthblvkk dedi ki:

    That doesn’t look appetizing at all. But thank you for sharing.

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