Keto Lunchables/Keto Crackers

Keto Lunchables/Keto Crackers

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  2. cheeseisthenewbread dedi ki:

    Quite a while ago I posted about how you can make your own homemade flavored cheese Whisps for a fraction of the cost you’d buy them for. The same logic applies to crackers. So crunchy, salty—and in any flavor you can think up. I’ve seen these plain parmesan crackers at Whole Foods, and every grocery store. It’s just cheese! You can make 10x the amount of crackers for that price by just buying a bag of shredded parmesan. (especially from Costco)

    This right here, though. Homemade parmesan crackers, deli turkey or chicken, and slices of pepper jack cheese. Omg. One of my favorite snacks/breakfasts/lunches ever. Normally I add garlic powder, onion powder and red pepper flakes—but these are just plain this time.

    Protip #1: parmesan is an extremely dry cheese, which makes it perfect for crunchy crackers. If you try other cheeses, you will have to bake them longer to cook the grease out, then you risk them tasting burnt.

    Protip #2: because it’s a dry cheese, it will not take long to damage your metal pans and pull the coating off, rendering them useless. Use silicone pans to avoid this.
    [Additional photos](

    ½ cup pre-shredded parmesan cheese
    2 slices deli meat, torn up (we use Blazin Buffalo Chicken from Boar’s Head)
    3 oz pepper jack, sliced
    Seasonings to taste

    •Place a thin layer of parmesan in the bottom of the pan cavities until you can’t see the bottom. Season however you like, or just make then plain.
    •Bake 15 mins at 350°F.
    •Remove from oven and pop them out.
    •Top with deli meat and cheese slices.⁣

  3. JCorby17 dedi ki:

    Dude I just followed you, these look godly! I need to learn how to cook!

  4. YourCrapSmells dedi ki:

    damnnn cheese bread opens up so many options; love the user name!

  5. Bowsermama dedi ki:

    I bake them on parchment and that works great, too!

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