Keto pot brownies

Keto pot brownies

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  2. DJ_House_Red dedi ki:

    Not saying you didnt do this OP, but as a tip to anyone making pot edibles: even though you’re heating up the weed when you make the bud butter, it’s best to decarb (not the carb you’re thinking of) the weed before you cook with it.

    Source: worked for a medical weed producer

  3. Jonyneedsleepy dedi ki:

    Weedo keto

  4. JediKrys dedi ki:

    r/ketotrees may like this also

  5. GRaTePHuLDoL dedi ki:

    Nice! I love putting ABV in my yogurt bowls! I actually just made cannabutter for the first time last night with a free 3.5g of trim I got from an order awhile back, I only made 1/4 c worth though, also I only smoke hemp flower. I have all those ingredients except vanilla and baking powder, do you think it would still come out good ?

  6. accidental_hippy dedi ki:

    I’m just here to give you all some upvotes back. Rock on!

  7. Will_Yammer dedi ki:

    I’m going to hit up the local dispensaries to see who has the best price point for the canabutter and then I’ll whip up a batch.

    One of the best things about keto is all of the different tasty recipes. Fingers crossed that this is a winner. While I’ve made a lot of good food I haven’t had much luck with brownies.

  8. missgeekgirl dedi ki:

    I don’t do weed but I love your creativeness!

  9. Imbatmansidekick dedi ki:

    OMG delivery option please!!!!!

  10. RandomPersonIsMe dedi ki:

    Very nice! This is my favorite recipe for homemade canna butter. Can use olive oil, coconut oil, or butter. I use coconut oil, no soy lechithin. Google “edible calculator” to estimate the THC of each serving. [](

  11. michael-levy dedi ki:

    Looks delicious and mouth-watering **Keto pot brownies.**

    Thanks for the recipe.

  12. fungus_muncher dedi ki:

    I love you.

  13. geezmaynard dedi ki:

    How do you not get the munchies and break keto?

  14. jaychops11b dedi ki:

    Thanks for sharing

  15. treg_bart dedi ki:

    Do you mean “pot” brownies or “pot” brownies

  16. guitarman1103 dedi ki:

    Hitting well I hope!?

  17. MysticMarbles dedi ki:

    3.5g in ONE tray of brownies?

    Damn. If I’m making edibles I want to enjoy them. 5mg per serving means I can have 4 or 5 of them!

    Not saying your ratio is wrong, I just have so many friends that hand me a cookie and be like “yo only eat an 1/8th of that small cookie dude it got 250mg in it”

    What the **** is the point of making an edible at that point? Just give me a damned lighter…

  18. Tooobin dedi ki:

    Wow, the temptation to break keto would be strong

  19. tmhaag dedi ki:

    I feel like these would be counter productive – keto pot brownies – then #AllTheFoodsEverrrrrrr

  20. ix2b8 dedi ki:

    Isn’t that an oxymoron??

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