Keto Rolls <1g net carbs each

Keto Rolls <1g net carbs each

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  2. lockeVSkvothe dedi ki:

    Are you sure these are not baked potatoes? Lol
    But for real these look awesome.

  3. ThinkPrivacy dedi ki:

    40g Psyllium Husk (I have the fine powder)

    40g Raw Green Hemp Powder

    2 medium eggs

    5g baking powder

    50g unsalted butter (could use salted too)

    Pinch of salt.

    Approx 200ml room temp water (until you have a spongy, sticky dough)

    45mins @ 180C (my oven is fan assisted you may need to raise temp a little if yours isn’t).

    Can probably get away with less baking powder these were flat when I put them in the oven.

    **Macros for whole batch:**

    Calories: 707.4kcal

    Protein: 31.32g

    Fat: 54.96g

    Fibre: 43.64g

    Carbs: 2.84g

    **Macros per roll (4 roll batch)**

    Calories: 176.85kcal

    Protein: 7.83g

    Fat: 13.74g

    Fibre: 10.91g

    Carbs: 0.71g


    **PLEASE NOTE: Macros are based on my ingredients, your ingredients might differ depending on brand, please check your labels and calculate own macros.**

  4. ThinkPrivacy dedi ki:

    Wow they taste fantastic – texture is very similar to sourdough and quite elastic (not crumbly). Definitely need to use less baking powder as the one I just ate had some really big air pockets in it. But the flavour is fantastic (finally a bread which doesn’t taste like nuts or coconut) and they are *incredibly* light and fluffy – I think I just made a winner 🙂

  5. ThinkPrivacy dedi ki:

    These were also a complete accident. My wife wanted something sweet the other night so I made the following recipe:

    5g Cocoa Powder

    5g Baking Powder

    2 Medium Eggs

    20g Psyllium husks (powder)

    40g Coconut Flour

    40g unsalted butter

    150ml room temp water (approx).

    5 tablespoons of sugar free salted caramel syrup (for coffee) (0 carbs).


    I made 20 balls with them and they came out really cool (just a recipe I made up off the top of my head as an experiment). incredibly light and fluffy texture.

    So I decided to try it again today substituting the coconut flour for hemp powder (2 carbs per 100g) and using more psyllium husk powder and they came out just insanely cool. These are very light and full of air bubbles – I will probably switch to 2.5g of baking powder in the next batch. Will post a picture of the internals once they cool.


    I made these for burgers on the BBQ tomorrow – but they should work fine as dinner rolls or for regular sandwiches. Next batch I think I will try a little oregano in the mix.


    Oh and the hemp powder is 50% protein… so these are a high protein bread.

  6. LambOfLiberty dedi ki:

    Thought those were mushrooms…

  7. Aru22 dedi ki:

    Here is a converted recipe for us outdated Americans:

    1/3c psyllium powder

    1/3c hemp powder

    2 large eggs

    1t baking powder

    1/2c butter

    6.76 oz. water (or 0.845c if you prefer)

    356 degrees. I’ll probably try 375 for my first batch and see how it goes.

    Thanks for the recipe!

    [Edit for formatting]

  8. vanyali dedi ki:

    I’ve made these with bread yeast and a pinch of carb to get it started and that’s worked too.

  9. ThinkPrivacy dedi ki:

    Hmmm one thing I should add – I used to smoke (quite a lot) but quit 8 years ago and even though this hemp protein powder is not supposed to have any cannabinoids in it – I am definitely feeling a light heady buzz. Whether this is placebo effect or just my body reacting to some compound in the hemp powder which is similar – I have no idea, but it is definitely there and not unpleasant 😉

  10. Hi_Im_Marci dedi ki:

    I like your zen garden!

  11. Royals-2015 dedi ki:

    Those look amazing!!

  12. Ash-023 dedi ki:

    Sounds like what I’ve been looking for

  13. AHudsonCommodore dedi ki:

    Any idea on protein in each one?

  14. CJspangler dedi ki:

    No offense they look like a potato lol

  15. quiltmeknot dedi ki:

    I made cloud bread last night… It’s weird but I like it lol

  16. Jenbuu dedi ki:

    how long do these last?

  17. achstuff dedi ki:

    I’m excited to try these! I have hemp hearts, but have never heard of hemp powder. I think if I tried to grind the hearts into powder, I would end up with hemp butter. I may try anyway.

    I like the way you bake.
    Have you experimented with lupin flour at all? I’ll try this with it while I wait for the hemp powder to come in the mail.

  18. ActualFunny dedi ki:

    I made it 420th upvote.

  19. Ash-023 dedi ki:

    40g Raw Green Hemp Powder Is about 1/3 cup, right?

  20. ThinkPrivacy dedi ki:

    So here we go for people who wanted crumb pic. Now note, I did say that I used too much baking powder so the air pockets are a bit bigger than I would normally like. But as I said yesterday the texture is very close to sourdough (just not as heavy).

    [Crumb Picture](

  21. sinktheshizmark dedi ki:

    look like potato

  22. Vicebeauty dedi ki:

    Is hemp just also called flax?

  23. Ash-023 dedi ki:

    Would someone convert the recipe into cups and tablespoons please, thanks in advance

  24. Battle-scarredShogun dedi ki:

    That looks…unappetizing. And I’m hungry right now

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