Keto Sushi

Keto Sushi

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  2. Splitbux dedi ki:

    I get 5-6 rolls with one 12oz bag frozen cauliflower.

    I microwave 12 oz bag cauliflower for about 4-5 minute then pulse 3-4 times in processor.
    Dry pan fry to remove moisture for couple minutes then let cool to room temp and add 1-2 oz softened cream cheese and mix well.
    Put in fridge for couple hours to cool down.
    Sometimes I make sushi rice days in advance and it keeps well in fridge.

    After this I use standard bamboo rolling mat and fillings such as smoked salmon or canned crab mixed with mayo.

    I don’t get any cauliflower taste at all the taste of nori really tricks your mind and make you remember of what sushi used to be like. I used to add soy sauce and rice vinegar but I no longer do that since I noticed little difference in taste especially since I squirt spicy mayo on mine along with ginger dipped in soy.

  3. dan_craus dedi ki:

    It looks good, but is it good?

  4. el_kowshka_es_diablo dedi ki:

    As a sushi nut, this looks amazing. I’ve been trying hard to force myself to eat cauliflower rice but it still tastes too much like cauliflower. I’ll try to make this though as I miss sushi oh so much.

  5. tofublock dedi ki:

    I just bought some sushi grade ahi tuna today for this! I was maybe going to do a keto poke bowl, but now I think I’ll make some sushi! Maybe hand rolls? I don’t know if I’ll have enough time!!!

  6. Will_Yammer dedi ki:

    I’ve made this style sushi with and without the cream cheese. Both came out tasty but both were a bit on the soggy side, even after cooking/drying out and letting the rolls sit in the fridge for a while. Any way around this sogginess?

  7. Pessoa_People dedi ki:

    We were *just* talking about how sushi might be one of the few foods to get us out of Keto (for a cheat day or permenantly), and lo and behold, keto sushi is a thing! Bless you, OP

  8. Peacockblue11 dedi ki:

    Oh my god, I need this in my life. This looks amazing. How do you roll them so neatly?

  9. Motiv8-2-Gr8 dedi ki:

    How many people is that for?

  10. thelieofsleep dedi ki:

    omg yes please! i’m missing sushi rolls like crazy.

  11. modest_champagne dedi ki:

    Well damn you just made me hungry in the middle of my 18:6 lmfaoo

  12. HermesLurkin dedi ki:

    Never thought to mix the cauli rice with cream cheese, but then it sticks to the nori like sushi rice! Smart!

  13. shoeshe dedi ki:

    Mannn…. I miss real sushi!! How’s the cauliflower sushi rice though? Cheesey? I want to make salmon nigiri with seared garlic mayo…

  14. Emilong88 dedi ki:

    I’ve never tried cauliflower sushi before, but it seemed like a lot of work (just like making real sushi rice is) and I was afraid of the cauliflower taste, so last Saturday I made rice free sushi, I just rolled fish/shrimp, cucumber and avocado in nori. Some of the rolls had cream cheese, and I preferred those. It really did satisfy my sushi craving. One thing I’m going to do next time is to try to half the nori sheet, or double the filling so that the nori taste is a little less dominant.

    I also experimented with chopping up some canned bamboo shoots to simulate rice, and it was actually okay, I mixed it with cream cheese so I could make nigiri. Next time I will try to squeeze the water out of them before and maybe give it a little vinegar to make them taste more like rice.. Bamboo shoots doesn’t really taste of anything and has almost the same texture as rice when chopped finely. And maybe squeezing the water from them will make them even more like a rice texture.

  15. hormoneAbusingFreak dedi ki:

    This looks fucking so good. Do you make your own rice or do they sell it somewhere?

  16. marymoon10 dedi ki:

    I legit thought that that plate was on the ground! I thought it was gross for a quick second then realized it was on a marble counter top.

  17. Chevy3Girl dedi ki:

    Sounds amazing, BUT… 75 Pounds of fish?? Lol. Is that a typo or am I having a brain fart?

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