Keto Sushi 🍣

Keto Sushi 🍣

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  2. theClobb6 dedi ki:


    16oz cauliflower rice
    6oz cream cheese, softened
    2tbs unseasoned rice wine vinegar
    1tbs coconut aminos

    5oz smoked salmon
    1 cucumber, deseeded & cut in small strips
    1-2 scallions
    1 avocado cut in small strips
    6 nori sheets

    Cook rice until dry but tender. Add the seasonings and cream cheese. Chill. Spread thin layer over nori sheet, assemble desired ingredients. I made a spicy mayo sauce and coconut aminos + swerve brown + siracha sauce for dipping. Enjoy!

  3. TehOncomingStorm dedi ki:

    I’m not trying to be mean, but cauliflour rice sounds damn awful for sushi.

  4. Minchinator dedi ki:

    I’ve had a lot of luck making sushi using miracle noodle rice (shiritaki) turned out MUCH better than my cauliflower attempts. It was even sticky and the added a little bit of stevia for sweetness

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